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Memory Loss

March 14th, 2010

Natural Health Consider the possible environmental causes - see Merrilyn's new post, published 12 Feb, 2017: Memory loss is something which concerns many people today.  Even young people can suffer from memory loss. We are all afraid of getting alzheimer's disease: when the memory and brain function  have declined so badly that we are incapable of making decisions and caring for ourselves, then we have lost control of our lives, we get put into care, and our active contribution to society ceases. We all wish to avoid this scenario. There are several main causes of memory loss in people who are not yet old. ...

Cell Phones in Cars

January 13th, 2010

I have just returned to Auckland from Wellington on the day bus which left yesterday at 9 am. I always enjoy this trip with a good driver at the helm. The scenery is refreshing, and you can relax and enjoy it all the more because you are not the driver. The social aspect of travelling with people from other towns and countries is enjoyable. Of course, the refreshing, social and relaxing aspects of travelling by bus all go to pot if you have a driver whom you do not trust or who is on edge. I was lucky that the ...
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