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Danger Of NZ Sun On Health In Time Of Global Warming

February 21st, 2015

Sunstroke From Sun Lack of Ozone and Global Warming is causing health problems. Summers are now hotter than ever, and the sun's rays more damaging. For the past three years, at some time during the period from Christmas time to late February, I have suffered serious sun-stroke, several times each season, with debilitating effects. Gone are the days of lying about near-naked in the sun, or playing tennis in our latest bikini-top, as we were want to do in the days of our youth. For many of us, swimming attire for the public eye lost its appeal many moons ago. However, we are not safe from ...

Fragrant Organic Gardens For Birds, Bees, Beauty And Medicine

January 12th, 2015

Organic Gardening Plant plenty of Bee-Friendly herbs to feed the bees a healthy diet.  Bee Colony Collapse Disorder can be prevented by avoiding the use of toxic herbicides and pesticides, and by planting herbs which contain natural medicines. And keep some of those wonderful weeds such as Dandelion and Prunella Vulgaris, commonly called Self-Heal.  Bees love these plants, and they are so good for the soil. We are losing our traditional cottage garden flowers and healing weeds.  So make an effort to keep our valuable healing plants by planting them in your garden, and letting some of those weeds grow too. Less than twenty ...

Medicinal Garden Herbs For You And The Bees

January 12th, 2015

Natural Remedies There are many wonderful healing herbs or weeds which you can grow in your garden for the purpose of helping cure many of the common ailments which allay us.  They will also help the bees to make good honey and stay healthy. note - this article was originally posted up around 2010 - mistakenly, it was moved onto another site - now restored to this one Below I list some of the easiest ones to grow, and some of the most useful, which you can add to your garden, whether it is large or small. Caution: I do not recommend that people ...

Natural Insecticides Derris and Pyrethrum Not Always Safe

September 2nd, 2011

Beware as  these organic insecticides often have added chemicals.   Pyrethrum and Derris dust are advertised as being  'natural herbal' insecticides, but this is sometimes misleading. Piperonyl butoxide is one of the chemicals which is sometimes added to pyrethrum.  Piperonyl butoxide is a synergistic chemical which makes the pyrethrum compounds more active, but this is a toxic poison. And remember that herbal insecticides are likely, too, to affect the bees if it is sprayed on flowering plants.  So do not put any insecticide around flowering plants. Many toxic chemicals are added to household pyrethrum sprays which are used to kill flies, spiders ...

Risk of Using Rat Poison

December 16th, 2009

Read merrilyn's  'Organic Rat Poison' for a homemade rat poison idea.  This post gives some organic solutions to  the problem of rats and mice. About a week ago I saw a commercial pest eradication van leaving our hotel grounds in Glenfield. I hadn't seen the driver at work, so I wasn't sure what he was up to. Was it going to be a fumigation of our rooms, or was he here to lay poison for rats. Either way, I thought it would mean trouble. After a few days I could taste poison  around the hotel. My vision was affected. For days it was blurred and my ...
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