Magnesium Benefits

Magnesium helps protect against heart disease.  Up to 150 mg in water effects a reduction of heart disease by 13%.
This is thought to be because magnesium, which links with calcium, tends to clean out the arteries of any calcium lingering around the artery walls.This would also indicate magnesium to be important in keeping healthy cholesterol levels maintained, as well as preventing high blood pressure, avoiding strokes, and maintaining a regular heart beat.

Magnesium can remedy cramps and bone pain. It  helps prevent the development of arthritis.Take ‘ Milk of magnesia’ to help with these problems, or a little epsom salts, or ‘Zechstein Magnesium’.

Magnesium links with calcium to form healthy bone tissue, tooth enamel, hair and nails. Magnesium is therefore  essential for expectant mothers:

450 mg of Magnesium daily is recommended for mothers just about to give birth. If extra magnesium is supplemented, along with Vitamin B 6, then contraction pain should be reduced.
Epsom salts can be used to supplement magnesium in the diet. Dolomite powder is another source of magnesium which is highly concentrated.
Much natural magnesium is leached out of vegetables when they are cooked in water. Drink the water to up your magnesium levels.

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