Dog Dies From Lymphoma Six Months After Eating RoundUp Spray

The young dog of a friend of the family’s has recently died of lymphoma.  The dog was not old – around six years.

Six months ago, the man of the house sprayed RoundUp on their grass verges and roundabout the garden.  The dog went over and ate some of the grass which had been sprayed.  It became sick – not just regurgitating the grass, which cats and dogs like to do to clean out their stomachs, but was clearly feeling unwell.  He remained sick and was not his usual self for many days.  So they took him to the vet, who said there was nothing wrong with a dog eating grass sprayed with RoundUp, and that he would be OK.  But he was not OK.

Six months later, the wee dog was dead from lymphoma cancer.

I wrote a post a few years ago about the dangers of pets and children playing or wandering through sprayed areas of grass.  Pet owners need to be careful, I said, not to take their dogs walking through parks which have been sprayed.  Nor should they be let loose to run through poisoned areas.

Cats are even more at risk, as they roam far and wide at night, and are likely to be exposed to toxic herbicides or weedkillers, and pesticides, on their travels.  One assumes that awareness is growing regarding herbicides and pesticides affecting the health of humans, pets and planet.  But the use of herbicides and pesticides seems to be increasing to that of former years.

RoundUp glyphosate, and pesticides such as 1080 and brodifacoum, are being used more than ever all over the country, to the detriment of our health, and especially to the health of children.  They will surely be reducing longevity of children, pets and adults who become exposed to these poisons on a regular basis.

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  1. Hi! I just stumbled on your website and saw your post about the poor dog that was poisoned by Roundup and got cancer from the vile stuff. That is so awful!

    I’m going to assume you haven’t heard about Carotec or Tom Valentine or his book “Search For Health” or anything like that. Their newsletter had a great article awhile back about Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), and it is very excellent for detoxifying the liver. In the article, a resident who was in a hospital had a patient that he was to ‘observe’ going through his death throes. The patient had eaten poison mushrooms and was in end stage liver failure. It was pretty gruesome and painful for the poor guy and his family was told he wouldn’t live 48 hours without a transplant. The resident had remembered reading about ALA being used to treat severe poisoning so he called up someone and was able to get permission to use ALA intravenously on this terminal patient. Miraculously, the man recovered and walked out of the hospital, tired but alive! Of course, the doctor who told the family the guy was a goner was none too pleased because his prediction didn’t come true.

    As ALA is a great detoxifier, it is possible that it would be beneficial for anyone or any animal that has been in contact with toxic glyphosate or any poison to take it. It is also very good in addition to milk thistle and helps with exposure to heavy metals and other toxins.

    In regards to preventing or curing cancer, you may find Tom Valentine’s articles (in “Search For Health”) about Johanna Budwig and the lady who used Essiac (I forget her last name but her first name was Cassie) useful. Dr. Budwig was a genius, she was also the first woman quantum physicist and got her MD in order to test her ‘linseed cure’ on patients. She was also the one who invented live blood microscopy. She was (of course) hounded by the medical establishment because she was endangering their livelihood by curing people of terminal cancer via flax seed oil. She found the cause of cancer (cell oxygenation changes to cell fermentation) and found the solution- flax seed oil. Apple publishing has her lectures in book format.

    I hope this information may be of help. 🙂

  2. My Father died from lymphoma most likely caused from insecticide use when he was a young Farm worker. My father died at 78 years old. It’s a sad story about the dog but most likely the dogs cancer was not caused by Roundup. In fact it would be almost impossible. Because cancer grows cell by cell through cell division. And cell division takes quite a long time to form a tumor. 6 months is simply not enough time. So the lymphoma was most likely caused by toxins in pet food that the dog has been eating its entire life. Poor quality pet food. The sickness caused by the Roundup was probably definitely an issue but not the cancer causer.

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