Cancer Risk From Cellphones And Electromagnetic Bombardment

Health Risks From Using CellPhones and Cordless Telephones
An international study into cellphones and cordless phones has shown that cell phones and cordless phones  ‘are possibly carcenogenic’, says an article in New Zealand Herald, June 2nd 2011.  But haven’t we heard this before?

The World Health Organization has recently met with 31 scientists.  Their conclusions were that ‘radio-frequency magnetic fields from wireless phones were “possibly carcinogenic” to users’, according to the Herald article.  This information was sourced via the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

The Degree of Harm of Cell-phones has conveniently been rated at a lower level 2B, which is ‘Possibly Carcinogenic”.  The other items in the 2B list are:   gasoline, carpentry, and pickled vegetables and coffee, of all things.   These last two food items have been cleverly added to the list, I feel,  to minimize the worry about cell phones. The addition of pickled vegetables and coffee  to the risk-list would put the cell phone risk into a fairly harmless kind of a category:  Of course, most of us drink coffee, and Sauerkraut pickled cabbage has been considered a health food for centuries.

But this is absolute nonsense to categorize cell phone risk with, say, sauerkraut and coffee.  These last two are natural food items. There is nothing natural about the cell phone:  ts forces are decidedly  harmful and deleterious to human health, all animal life, and the general environment.

I wonder just who these WHO scientists work for, and what the driving force is behind the World Health Organization, and the International Agency for Research on Cancer. WHO  is the same outfit which, about a year ago,  approved  scarves doused in insecticide for the purpose of keeping tea plantation workers free of mosquitoes and other mites.  The unsuspecting tea workers were to wear these pesticide-soaked scarves about their necks, on their skin.  All chemical insecticides are harmful to humans, just as they kill mosquitoes, as I am sure the consulting doctors of WHO are  very much aware.

Most  pesticides and herbicides are carcenogenic, and yet the WHO authorities approved the marketing of these pesticide scarves for the tea workers.  Some chemical factory, somewhere in the world, will have gained profit from the sale of these chemical scarves to Sri Lanka, even if the WHO supplied them. (? I think it was Sri Lanka)

Is this minimizing of the effects of cell phones just another case like the cigarette smoking scam, where doctors were paid to endorse particular brands of cigarettes.  Maybe – See the movie ‘Thankyou For Smoking’ with Aaron Erhardt. A very funny movie, but with the truth so obvious, it almost hurts….

Doctors in the old days when television began, were shown on American television, smoking their hearts out.  “There is no evidence to show that smoking damages your health” one doctor said to the cameras, as he puffed on his fag whilst sitting at his desk in his surgery.

An increased risk of glioma, which is a type of brain cancer, was acknowledged at this WHO meeting, although it was decided that evidence was ‘considered limited’ for glioma and acoustic neuroma being related to cellphone and cordless phone usage.  So what does this mean? – Effectively, that although cellphones and cordless phones were shown to increase the risk of glioma brain cancer, the authorities are choosing to ignore it.

We have all known about the cancer risk-cell phone link for some years now.  What do these scientists need to establish that this is the case?  There must be thousands of case studies to show that people who have used cell phones extensively over a period of time have developed cancer and other disease.  I personally know several people who have had cancer of the ear as a result of using a cell phone.  And yet, the WHO specialists STILL choose to ignore the evidence,  whilst pretending concern.

An example of this feigned concern and innocence seems to be expressed in the statement which comes from Dr Jonathan Samet from the University of California, who is the head of the ‘International Agency for Research on Cancer’ itself.  He has said:   “The conclusion means  that there could be some risk, and therefore we need to keep a close watch for a link between cellphones and cancer risk”.  Have I a brain in my head?  Is the Pope a Catholic?

It has been known, almost since cell phones were invented, that they have the propensity to cause cancer.
This article on the recent WHO research is another fob-off., suggesting that researchers are really working earnestly on the issue of cancer and cell phones……Research  ‘points to cancer risk in wireless telephones’, quotes the newspaper, when actually this has been proved many years ago.  Why not come right out with it and say affirmatively that “Cell Phones and Wireless Phones CAN  and DO cause cancer”?  –  This article still leaves room for doubt, which is exactly the outcome which suits the makers and marketers of cellphones, and all those who profit from associated companies.

‘Research’ itself still benefits while there is any doubt on the issue of cancer and cell phones.  Keep the doubt at the forefront of the argument, and you will continue to get funded for research. Simple.

Professor Alistair Woodward, from the Auckland University school of population health, has indicated that ‘there’s no sign of a lung cancer (and smoking) story).  However, I suspect that there are similarities between cellphone research and cigarette research in that the marketers of both have kept information from the public.

Like the old cigarette scam – deny that there is any risk to health at all, for as long as you can.  Then, when pressed, say that “it is possible”, so that people are not alarmed sufficiently to cause sales to cease. Keep going with this defence until finally there is no doubt that you are beaten.
Radiation causes cancer, and so do the radiations from cell phones, especially when they are constantly being put up close to the ears, eyes, and brain.
But it is not simply the device  of the cell phone which is the danger to humankind.  The transmitting devices which proliferate the planet now, are causing massive disturbances to our environment, as well as to all life on the planet.
Satellites are used to transmit electromagnetic waves through the air.  If we could see this mish mash of invisible, but  immensely destructive electromagnetic lines which are constantly zapping the air and skies about us, we would be horrified, and compelled to do something about it.  But that is the thing – these electromagnetic waves are invisible, and so there is no real appreciation of the harm that they are doing, because ‘out of sight is out of mind’.
Even if you do not use a cellphone, you are at risk from the effect of cellphone radiation.  Of course, if you DO use a cellphone, then you will be drawing these harmful waves to yourself, which will make you even more vulnerable than if you do not operate a cell phone or cordless phone.
These lines of electromagnetic energies are like bands of fire.  They have the ability to irritate and burn, especially the eyes, ears and brain, which are particularly sensitive.  They have the power to run telecommunications systems, but they also have the power to destroy human and animal life.  Even if they do not cause cancer,  other degenerative disease, such as multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease, or arthritis are more likely to occur when the body is exposed to radiations such as those from cellphones and other telecommunication technologies.   The risk to the nervous system is huge.
In my own experience, radiations from cellphone transmitters has been incredibly damaging to my immune system. I believe that they have a definite propensity to cause depression and obesity in people, well before cancer and other degenerative disease sets in.
I believe that mankind needs to get cracking and address the issue of invisible bombardment from telecommunication systems, which includes the use of cell phones.  This issue is almost as important as the need to rid the planet of all nuclear power plants and weaponry.

Note:  For the record, the International Agency for Research on Cancer has stated Degrees of Hrm:

1.  Causes cancer in humans (such as asbestos, tobacco smoking, ultraviolet radiation)

2A Probably Carcinogenic – Anabolic steroids, diesel engine exhaust, emissions from high temperature frying, shift-work which interferes with the body’s natural rhythms)

2B Possibly Carcinogenic:  Gasoline, coffee, pickled vegetables, carpentry, wireless phones and cell phones.

3.  Unclassified Cancer causers:  Fluorescent lighting, tea, chromium.

Note: Radiation fallout does not show its face here  as a carcinogen.  Nor does alcohol, which recent studies in Australia or New Zealand  have shown increases the risk of cancer. Nor do pesticides, or herbicides, many of which are proved as carcenogens.

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