Can Iodine Cause Heart Palpitations

Heart Palpitations.

Can Iodine cause heart palpitations? Yes, it can, if you use too much at a time.

Iodine For Hair Growth: Iodine, of course, is great for stimulating  hair growth.  But you must not over-do the Iodine.

Heart Palpitations From Iodine: You may  get heart palpitations from iodine if you are very sensitive to chemicals, or you have candida albicans, a yeast infection, or you have  a weakened immune system. In any of these cases  you might experience  a slight toxic reaction, with  heart palpitations, from using even  moderate amounts of iodine on your skin.

Allergy to Iodine:  Avoid Using Iodine if you are getting heart palpitations, and see your health professional.

For most people, using Iodine on the skin is not a problem. A dab or two of iodine applied to the skin is healthy for most people, as this helps prevent iodine deficiency. When iodine  is applied to the skin, it is absorbed into the skin, into the blood, and benefits the thyroid gland so that you do not get goitre and other malfunctions of the glands, and hormone imbalances.

Many Other Things  Can  Cause Heart Palpitations:  The heart has finely tuned electrical impulses all of its own, as does the brain, and so people can get heart palpitations from being too close to electrical appliances when they are going,  or sitting next to an electicity extension cord even while an appliance is not switched on: Alternating currents still  go back and forth along a cord to an appliance even if it is not switched on.

Heart palpitations, therefore,  can result from being in the close proximity of an electrical generator, transformer, or high tension wires, or being too close to other electro-magnetic forces.  These things also affect your brain function, and nervous impulses.

Poor memory can result from exposure to high-level electrical impulses, and even  to being exposed to  low-level radiation over the long term. Radio waves and electromagnetic vibrations from electrical sources seriously do undermine the health.

Cell phones can cause heart palpitations, as can and do  cell phone transmitters.  If you spend too much time being close to these energy fields, then your own electrical impulses will be disrupted, and this will have an effect on the whole nervous system, including the brain, the heart and nervous impulses.

Herbicides and pesticides, even in microscopic amounts on the breeze, can cause heart palpitations.  Being near hidden sites of rat poison can cause heart palpitations.

Potted indoor orchids,  tropical indoor plants, and even vases of flowers, especially if the plants  contain alkaloids as in the case with magnolias, can cause heart palpitations. This is because thewater in the vase leaches out some of the poisons in the plant:  As this water starts to ferment, the potency of the poisons are increased. Bingo.  You have a recipe for causing  migraine and heart palpitations.

Heart Palpitations are a Barometer:  Getting heart palpitations, for myself, is always a warning that something is not right in my environment. Getting palpitations gives you time to reassess your environment and the poisons around you, and gives you an opportunity to correct things before you get sick. This is how I avoid getting sick from poisonous chemicals and electro-magnetic interference – by listening to my heart.  I do not go to the doctor to get something to stop the palpitations, as that will only make the matter worse, and will not address the CAUSE OF THE TROUBLE.  Heart palpitations will cease in a healthy body when the cause is removed.  Having said that – again,  don’t use Iodine if it makes your heart flutter.

So – heart palpitations for me are a good thing, as they alert me to hidden dangers. From there, I have to work out exactly what the contaminant is. Then I can remove the cause.

Using some drugs such as Voltarin, or Warfarin, can cause heart palpitations.  I get heart palpitations if I spend too long in the kitchen, cooking,  near to where a relative of mine keeps his warfarin on the sink bench.

And did you hear the latest about Voltarin?  On the news just last night, Channel One, TVNZ, we heard that you have an  80%  chance of suffering a stroke if you take Voltarin.

These drugs should never be prescribed, in my opinion:  There are plenty of proven natural and herbal remedies available, to use as alternatives.  These alternatives  are safe and are better options than orthodox medications  to prevent stroke and heart attack.  Warfarin and Voltarin, which seem to be prescribed for many people over the age of 55, are very risky medicines indeed, and actually cause a degeration of the vital organs, instead of rejuvenating them.

Avoid Using Iodine If You Get Heart Palpitations: Getting back to the use of Iodine on the skin:  If you experience heart palpitations from using iodine directly on the skin, then you should avoid using it. It could be that a candida infection is the problem, or  that toxic bowels are making you super-sensitive, or that you are using too much Iodine.

However – if in doubt, then don’t use it.  Instead, you should get your iodine straight from the sea-bed, in the way of oysters, mussels, sardines, tuna, and mackerel.  Kelp is another  excellent source of Iodine.

9 thoughts on “Can Iodine Cause Heart Palpitations”

  1. Your article was very interesting. Since you “suffer” from heart palpitations, what are all the causes of palpitations you have for and all the simple, natural remedies?

  2. Hello there
    Well,I do not ‘suffer’ from heart palpitations. Heart palpitations for me are simply a warning signal to alert me that I am near something very toxic – or that my digestive system is clogged and needs a clearing out with something like castor oil.
    If I avoid things like being too long close to an electricity transformer of some kind, or some other electro-magnetic device which interferes with my own electro-magnetic energies, or some chemical which has the potential to do great harm, then I do not ever experience heart palpitations.
    Heart palpitations should be regarded as a warning signal for people. Heart palpitations are not a sickness in themselves. Unless you did nothing about addressing the things disturbing your health – if you carried on regardless, then I expect that those heart palpitations might grow into some form of degenerative disease.

  3. I get heart palpitations but I haven’t found the cause yet. I think I have hypothyroidism (probably due to years and years of being forced to go to the dentist as a child and have x-rays 2 times a year, and I’m sure all the fluoride didn’t help any.
    I’ve been taking bladderwrack and kombu for my thyroid problem (whatever it is), but if I have hypothyroid problems I never had weight gain. I had other symptoms but not that one. I had heart palpitations when I was a teenager but they were not very frequent. Now I get them a lot more than ever. I have a long term tooth abscess that is not as bad as it used to be due to my change in diet (using the Weston Price ancient dietary wisdom). I’m wondering if that has something to do with it.

    I have to take seaweed though because if I don’t I will start to get these welts under my skin (mostly my face, they seem like zits but they aren’t) and they won’t go away unless I take seaweed. I also will get extremely tired just walking a short distance if I don’t eat it. I don’t take the iodine drops. I get the heart palpitations any time, even when I am not near electrical appliances (we don’t have cellphones and no wifi or so called smart meters- not yet anyway).

    Have you ever figured out the source of your heart palpitations? I’m not anxiety prone so they’re not because of ‘panic attacks’ or anything. I also don’t take any drugs.

    I don’t like allopathic medicine, I’d rather go to a chiropractor if I needed something like that. I would just use allopathic medicine to get a diagnosis (if they even could figure it out) and then I would treat myself with natural solutions.

  4. Great info, thankyou.
    About heart palpitations – for me they are a warning sign that I am near very toxic substances – or near high currents of electricity or microwaves. When I move away from the source of the trouble, the palpitations stop. So heart palpitations can be helpful in alerting you to things which could be damaging to the health.
    Heart palpitations should not be regarded as a ‘condition’ of ill health, but rather should alert one to question what poisons or electromagnetic energies are causing the disturbance. Toxins on food or in the air, such as fumes from weedkillers etc, find their way into the body, and these toxins can also cause heart palpitations.

  5. If you are EMF sensitive this may also be a possible culprit. I have been looking into how to make an orgone generator, which is supposedly one way to protect from the EM radiation that is bathing most parts of the earth and by proxy humans and every living creature.

    I’ve looked up building a Faraday cage to repel EMF and wireless pollution, but apparently it’s not as easy as it seems.

    you can also (make yourself or buy it) some orgone generating objects that help to repel chemtrails and/or toxic EMF cellphone radiation/ELF waves too. I have to buy a good EMF meter first to see if this really works.

    I’m planning on building a ‘chembuster’ to see if it really cleans up the chemtrail haze that is so prevalent world wide these days.

    Maybe this can also help with any health problems you may still have. I’ve heard that copper is a very useful metal, from the readings of Edgar Cayce he claimed that the pyramids were originally tipped with copper.

  6. Thankyou for your comment.
    Yes, more ozone can surely help improve general health. But if you are a sensitive person, then heart palpitations which occur from being near dangerous chemicals or radiations should be welcomed as a warning. My heart is in extremely good shape, and so long as I pay heed to palpitations when they occur, and remove the offending material or move away from it, then my health remains excellent.
    For instance, heart palpitations can occur if I wear clothing made of synthetics, especially with names such as polymyalide or similar. When I remove this offensive clothing, heart behaves normally again. These chemicals are known carcinogens, so it is for my benefit that my heart tells me that something is wrong. I would never want to stop this warning mechanism, as it works to save me from the effects of dangerous chemicals or radiation.
    The second scenario is this: After exposure to large amounts of glyphosate,or RoundUp, or 1080, which sometimes I have no control over, since council contractors poison us regularly with these substances, palpitations can occur, along with memory lapse and other nervous symptoms – large amounts of Vitamin C, homeopathic Arsen alb and Thuja, and other detoxifying herbs normally help to restore the body’s vitality within a few days. But note – this is not a condition of ill-health – everybody here, including young people, get very sick each time poison is put about our close environment. Ozone can surely help, but we have to aim at ridding ourselves of the cause – making these harmful sprays illegal.

  7. Orgone not ozone, Orgone is some sort of etheric energy that can possibly be produced using quartz crystal, copper, metal shavings and an epoxy resin to hold it all together. This is supposed to be helpful for cellphone radiation and the like.

    To detox from the glyphosate you’re being exposed to, you may want to also use milk thistle (grind seed in a coffee grinder and brew like tea 10 minutes steep covered). Alpha Lipoic Acid also helps greatly. And, a clean organic diet with ‘healthy’ animal fats from grass finished animals and organ meats from organically humanely raised animals can help protect cell structure from cancer. (See Dr. Johanna Budwig- the “Linseed Lady”)

  8. Thankyou – Orgone is worth considering. I am familiar with milk thistle (although this herb can be problematic for sensitive people) and already use a dairy free, 90% organic diet. But you really cannot beat non-acidic Vitamin C and appropiate homeopathy for sudden chemical poisoning. Out of everything you can use, I rate these the two most important for serious poisoning. Garlic and coffee would be the next most important things to help combat poisoning.
    There are SO MANY different herbs, vitamins, homeopathy, and other methods to choose from in curing illness, or in eliminating the effects from poisonous sprays and pellets. From experience, I have formulated a programme which is effective in quickly ridding toxins from the body.

    Many people suffer heart palpitations from prescription drugs that they take, and as stated in my earlier reply to you, this is the body trying to warn the person that something is wrong. Orgone, ozone, whatever, will not remedy the source of the problem. When they complain about their heart palpitations, they are usually given yet another drug to combat the heart palpitations. But this is not addressing the cause of the problem – the medications which cause heart trouble should be stopped and a safe alternative sought, such as can be found with good diet, vitamins, appropriate herbs, and homeopathy.

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