Vitamin C Cures Swine Flu Case

Natural Remedy: Vitamin C Saved A Dying Man

Massive doses of Vitamin C, administered intravenously, effected a cure of a dying man when drugs were having no effect.

This very exciting  healing event was documented by TVNZ on Channel 3.

Go to  to read the documentary  entitled: Vitamin C cures  case of swine flu and hairy cell leukemia.

This is an amazing story, and it is wonderful for the man and his family that this treatment has succeeded.  The event should represent a break-through in orthodox medicine which should bode well for future usage of  Vitamin C in our hospitals.  But as is

usually the case, it is four years since Vitamin C cured this man of swine flu, and no more has been heard about his story, or the wonders of Vitamin C.  The hospitals are strangely silent, and doctors still do no more than before to promote Vitamin C in their treatments, at least in the town where I live.

This is because drug companies do not endorse the use of Vitamin C, and insist on using their pharmaceutical drugs, even when it is clear they are not working.

Why is this so?  The answer is that Vitamin C is relatively cheap, as are homeopathic remedies, and is a safe remedy or cure for many ailments.  If people were in the habit of using Vitamin C, or homeopathy, there would be very little need for doctors, their drugs, or hospitals, except for emergency situations such as accidents or surgery. Pharmaceutical companies would die a natural death.


The benefits of Vitamin C in treating disease have been well researched.  There is a wealth of literature on the subject of Vitamin C and how it works as a powerful antioxidant and detoxifier of the body, and how it is an essential ingredient in treating cancer,  degenerative disease, and so-called incurable infections such as swine flu.

High doses of Vitamin C are used in many alternative cancer treatment centres, in combination with other treatments.  Therapists in Australia have successfully treated many people for swine flu,  snake bites, and cancer with megadoses of Vitamin C.  Vitamin C is  really a wonderful nutrient.

But there is still much resistance to using Vitamin C in the medical profession.  The man who survived swine flu was extremely lucky to have the support of a family who believed that the Vitamin C treatment could cure their brother.  It was fortunate that they were present at the hospital at the time, to fight their brother’s case.

Doctors at this Auckland hospital were determined, in the beginning, not to administer Vitamin C.  They said that Vitamin C would make no difference, and that it was against hospital policy anyway.  Medically speaking, there was absolutely nothing else they could do, and the man was about to die.  Yet they still denied the man Vitamin C. as a last resort.

But the family were adamant that Vitamin C treatment at least be tried.  They had nothing to lose if the treatment did not work.  Conventional medicine had failed.  The medical staff were removing the life support system to leave the man to die, and the only hope left was that the Vitamin C treatment might work.

And so the family of the dying man  threatened legal action if the medical authorities refused to administer Vitamin C.

The outcome of their efforts was that the authorities , under threat of being sued, finally relented and gave the intravenous Vitamin C as requested by the family.  The quick result is what has been described as a ‘miracle cure’.

It is high time that some  intelligent topics of research  be chosen  by so-called ‘research scientists’ – such as the REAL reason for cancer and how diseases such as swine flu can be treated with Vitamin C. But this is unlikely to happen because of the power and wealth of drug companies.

If allowed to pursue an honest line of enquiry, the majority of research scientists would  find agreement with holistic medicine in recognising that cancer and other degenerative disease is a product of our toxic environment and the contaminated and devitalised  foods  which we eat.

They would acknowledge the healing effect of Vitamin C in healing cancer and so-called incurable diseases such as swine flu.

They might own up to the fact that there never will be a miracle pill to  ‘cure’  cancer,  but that cancer can be both prevented and reversed by positive strategies, mainly in adopting a remedial diet with detoxification techniques:  That is, by eating good quantities of high fiber raw foods, and by purging  toxic chemicals from the liver and intestines.

Using megadoses of Vitamin C in combination with other herbs and modalities encourages detoxification of a sick body, which gives it the chance, along with raw foods, to be  revitalized and brought back to health.  This is how you ‘cure’ cancer  the natural way- by hard work and consistent effort.

Let’s hope that Vitamin C is always available to the general public. The drive for profit often results in valuable, inexpensive, healing therapies being declared ‘unsafe’ by governments who have the backing of the multinational, powerful drug companies.  Natural  medicines which were previously readily available, such as gentian violet, have been taken off the shelves, and the same medicine then can now be sought only on prescription at grossly inflated prices, after we have also paid for the visit to the doctor to get the prescription. This red-tape for a prescription is designed to discourage us from using such cheaper remedies as gentian violet, and to buy off the shelf pharmaceuticals instead, which are comparatively more expensive for very small amounts. Whereas gentian violet keeps indefinitely, commercial skin creams have an expiry date, which means more cream has to be purchased before long.  This is how profit is increased for pharmaceutical companies.


Lives could be saved if Vitamin C was used in combination with homeopathic medicine to treat so-called ‘incurable’ illnesses.  Let’s pray that the pharmaceutical companies loosen their strangulating hold on the medicine industry, and let Homeopaths prove the worth of their science, and the practitioners of Vitamin C therapy too.