Advance NZ Meeting At Araiteuru Marae Dunedin, 27 September, 2020

Natural Health Remedies Under Threat
Haere mai. Haere mai.
Well, what a turn-out we had. The atmosphere was electric. The Marae meeting hall was packed. We were ceremoniously walked down the entrance to the Marae by a gifted young man who did the Maori people proud with his greeting.
Wonderful rocky, jazzy music was played on electric piano while we all seated ourselves.Then we had a rousing address by the young woman who organized the meeting, a dynamic introduction which ended with a Maori song, sung by everybody.

Billy Te Kahika, as always, gave an extremely lucid and inspiring talk about the movement, which is, essentially, a movement of freedom, one which will get us back our democratic rights and protect our little country of Aotearoa from the all-devouring one-world-government which is knocking threateningly on all our doors.

Jamie-Lee Ross, who has collaborated with Billy recently, and given our movement a platform with which to stand on and enter parliament, the AdvanceNZ Party, also spoke very well.

We are grateful that Billy Te Kahika and Jamie-Lee Ross will lead our movement for the return of our democracy.

Here is my speech which I wrote in case there was an opportunity to speak. As it happened, I did not speak, as there were other speeches from the candidates who were far more knowledgeable than myself
Here it is:
Haere Mai.
Well, I am sure that Billy Te Kahika will go down in history as a prophet of our time.
He, and Jamie-Lee Ross are leading the way to a return of a true democracy where freedom of speech and freedom of choice, freedom of movement, will prevail.
One where we can choose whether or not we will be vaccinated.

Many of us are concerned about the sudden stripping away of our democratic rights, the excuse being given by government as covid 19 protections.

Right now, the world is under threat of a one-world government, with every person on the planet vaccinated and controlled with the help of 5G surveillance – that is, if Bill Gates and his cronies from United Nations and World Health Organization (WHO) have their way.
Surveillance has already begun with so-called ‘contact tracing’, a clever way to introduce the idea of surveillance into the psyche of our nation and of the world.

The threat of Covid 19 has been conveniently over-emphasized by United Nations, the WHO and politicians who are exploiting it for their own purposes and agendas.
In the beginning, yes, we were all fearful of the virus. We were told that it was so very dangerous, like the black plague, or the Spanish flu of last century. So, we complied with the lockdown and the masks.

The media jumped into action to support the story, defending government protocols, never telling us whether or not people were really sick, but that the numbers testing positive were growing exponentially.
No mention by the media that of these positive tests, most people had already had the virus and would now have natural immunity to it, just as we do for flu each year.
No mention from the media, when the truth became known, that the mortality rate of covid 19 is about the same as that for seasonal influenza. (Elderly and frail people, and people with pre-existing health conditions, are susceptible to seasonal flu, and every year, sadly, people do die.)

Then we learnt that numbers affected were being inflated, most probably to keep the world afraid and obeying government protocols.
Doctors spoke out in their hundreds from all over the world, saying the pandemic was a scamdemic and probably a plandemic.
Doctors spoke out from the steps outside the White House – their video was quickly removed by Youtube.
1000 German doctors spoke out. 360 or more Belgium doctors. Our own Plan B doctors in New Zealand – none of their advice was allowed on our radio or TV or newspapers.
Massive protests have taken place against the lockdowns – in Berlin – a million or more there about a month ago – and Trafalgar Square and many other places – no news on our TV about these protests. We are kept in the dark by NZ media who are under the thumb of the NZ government, who is now proving to be hostile to democracy and suspiciously fascist instead.

There is no need now for lockdowns.
These doctors stated that there ARE treatments for Covid, such as hydroxychloriquine, but that they are forbidden because WHO seem to want to get their vaccine rolled out – if other treatments are allowed, their vaccine will have competition, which will mean less money for the drug companies. They will also miss out on their chance to control the world through their vaccines if other remedies become the norm.

Already we are getting the drift – The law as it stands now,, after Adern made changes under secrecy during covid lockdowns, is alarming. Police and military can enter your home without warning at any time and remove you or members of your family for covid procedures or for questioning regarding your views, with new censorship rules being applied if your views are not that of the government’s.

Gone are the rights of the unborn child, with abortion now legal up to 5 months on request, or up to full term with the consent of two doctors.
The termination of life at the end of life is yet another tool to diminish the value of human life. These measures are, I believe, satanic in nature, ones which will damage us all psychologically in the end.

We have been told that nothing will return to normal until we have a vaccine, and that we can expect our way of life to change dramatically. But this is trickery – as I said, we already have treatments, but they are not allowed to be used in hospitals, nor is information about them permitted any longer on the internet.
Vitamin C is one such remedy which, in the beginning of the scare, was being used successfully in China, so we were told on the internet. Vitamin C is an anti viral, anti fungal, anti bacterial which, in decent doses of 1000mg or more given every half hour or so initially, will improve any viral, bacterial or fungal infection. But even this information has been suppressed on the internet. Native New Zealand Kawa Kawa is a herbal remedy which acts similarly to garlic, another anti fungal, anti viral, anti bacterial. I am wondering how long this post will remain, if I can get it published today.

And now Jacinda Adern has announced that ‘the only source of truth is the government’s’
Well – therein lies a big fat lie.

No other party except for Advance NZ, NZ Public Party, I believe, will help us correct all the wrongs visible and invisible in our society here today in New Zealand.

Billy Te Kahika and Jamie-Lee Ross, I applaud you both in taking a stand for us to return our country to a true democrary again, where there are no secrets and no lies.
Of the People.
For the People,
By the People.
God Be With You Till We Meet Again.
Merrilyn Hope.