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Get Rid of Migraines Through Detoxification:  Migraines are usually a sign that either the bowels are in a toxic condition, or that you have been exposed to chemicals or radiation, either of  which has set the migraine off.
A quick and safe way to rid yourself of a migraine, apart from taking 2 aspirin, which won’t hurt you as long as you are not allergic to the stuff and you are not on other medications, is to take 1000mg of calcium ascorbate immediately. This will alleviate the pain, as well as help to quickly detoxify the body of the contaminant causing the problem. Take another dose of 1000mg four hours later. Calcium ascorbate is an alkaline form of vitamin C which is very easy on the stomach. It is the best form to use in the treatment of candida infection. Candida infection, which arises because of imbalances in the body, is sometimes the reason people get migraines.

Many things in our environment can cause a migraine in my experience. Exposure to constant cell-phone use, or sleeping with a cell-phone close to the body can cause a migraine. Sleeping with your head near electrical wires in the walls, or electrical appliances turned on, such as an electric blanket, can cause a migraine.

Sleeping with pot plants in the same room can cause a migraine. Some plants are worse than others, depending on the potency of their properties. Orchids, begonias and cacti are very potent and should always be removed at night from the lounge where you ‘hang out’, and the room where you sleep. Cut flowers have the same effect, especially lillies and orchids. Very few flowers don’t produce an effect on the body. The longer the flowers are in the water, the more potent the water becomes, and the more it will affect you. Roses, daisies and marigolds are some non-toxic flowers which don’t usually have the effect of producing migraines so long as their water is kept fresh and there is no other added foliage to the arrangement. I find these have a beneficial effect when brought indoors.

Using rat poison and insecticides such as fly spray and ant and cochroach poison is very bad. These things are absorbed through the pores of your skin. Even if you have rat poison stored away in some hidden place, it will still be affecting your health, as it is an extremely potent poison. You don’t need to touch it to be affected by it, but chances are, if there are rats and mice about, then they will be transferring the poison and you will have a a trail of it through the house.

Even handling boxes or wearing clothing, either of which has been stored near rat poison for a period, can cause a migraine. Clothing should not be stored near petrol, kerosene or other petro-chemicals, or insecticide or herbicide, as this will affect you homeopathically, causing anything from heart palpitations to migraines.

Cosmetics should be avoided: no hair spray, hair dye, nail polish or face creams unless they are truly organic. Weleda products are reliable, but most commercial make-ups and face creams contain harmful petro-chemicals, even if they have good things in them like aloe vera, or Vitamin E. These last items can dupe us into believing that the product is healthy, but beware: read the small print on the back of the product, and you will most likely find many chemicals which could be the cause of your migraine.

Photocopied material can cause migraines: the inks used in photocopying, and the chemicals in the paper used for photocopying are absorbed readily through the pores of the skin and into the bloodstream. The radiation from photocopied material is also a hazard to one’s health. If you must do any amount of photocopying, or you work in an environment where you handle much photocopied material, then you should wear protective surgical gloves. Otherwise, you run the risk of not just getting migraines, which are an indication of something amiss in the  diet or environment, but of getting cancer, arthritis, alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis or another degenerative condition.

Diet can help migraine sufferers greatly. Stick to an alkaline diet of plentiful greens and fresh fruit. If you have candida, or suspect that you might, then you will avoid the fruit until you recover. Candida sufferers can use raw celery as a replacement for raw fruit. Celery is extremely alkaline and has an antiseptic action in the intestines which helps to balance  out the bowel flora so that candida albicans is  not dominant.  Use brown rice instead of wheat. Cut out dairy foods except for butter, unless you are allergic to it. Eat: Almonds, fish once a week, lean meat occasionally, organic eggs.
Avoid all sugar.
Some sort of cleanse is very helpful: Castor oil is recommended if you have a chronic migraine attack. Follow the castor oil treatment with an enema within 5 hours. Get into the habit of using enemas at least once a week if you get migraines often.
1000mg of Vitamin C can be taken safely with the castor oil cleanse, but to get maximum benefit from the Vitamin C, take it an hour before you take the castor oil.
It may take a little time before you fully recover, but the attacks should become less frequent if you follow these methods.

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