How To Make Liquid Organic Comfrey Fertilizer

Nitrogen-Rich Comfrey Fertilizer

Here is how to make Comfrey Fertilizer for your garden.  Comfrey is rich in many nutrients, including nitrogen, and natural phosphates which are all good for the soil.

Using natural fertilizers such as Comfrey Fertilizer will encourage the worms to come.  Worms are really beneficial for your garden, as they aerate the soil, as well as carry nutrients from the top of the ground to the roots of your plants.

To Make your Organic Comfrey Fertilizer:  Simply put some comfrey, leaves, roots, flowers, and all, into a bucket.  You can almost half fill the bucket with Comfrey plant material.  Fill up the bucket with water, and leave the bucket to stand outside in a quiet place,  with a loose-fitting lid on the top to keep insects from falling in.

You can safely spray this over your plants to good effect.  The high silica content, and perhaps the allantoin too, help to discourage insects and fungus or bacteria from attacking your plants.

Add Potency To The Organic Fertilizer By Adding Onion or Garlic: Make your own natural organic insecticide and plant anti-biotic by adding left over onion skins, or garlic to your mix.     These can be a good addition to the Comfrey organic fertilizer, as garlic and onion  help to discourage pests and protect against diseases.  You would add these things into the original fertilizer mix, with the  comfrey and water, at the beginning of the process.

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