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Cancer Diet for Anthony

January 15th, 2010

Diet Castor Oil and Enemas:  Hello Anthony, I haven't heard how you are getting along. I hope you are managing to keep positive about life and that you have started the programme. There really is nothing to lose by giving it your best shot if allopathic medecine cannot help you any longer. If you have had chemotherapy and radiation, then your immune system will be weakened considerably. This makes it harder to recover on a mainly raw foods and enema/castor oil programme, but some people have achieved this. It IS possible. Determination is the key. An understanding of how the treatment ...

Curing Candida

December 7th, 2009

Candida albicans is a naturally occuring organism which lives in the intestines. When the body becomes too acid, or becomes toxic because of effete matter congested in the bowel, candida albicans can overgrow. This tips the delicate balance of intestinal flora so that the favourable organisms get outnumbered, with candida albicans dominating the field. See Merrilyn's post: Candida can also take over when the immune system has been shocked. Emotional shock, or environmental shock such as sudden exposure to harmful chemicals, or radiation from  X rays, can weaken the immune system drastically and kill off the organisms which we need in order to digest food properly. On-going ...
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