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Hair Loss Male Multivitamins

July 12th, 2011

Diet Is Related To Hair Loss: Conventional treatment of male hair loss in the past has been with topically applied preparations  such as Minoxidil. But this is an expensive treatment which also has some bad side effects, as it is absorbed through the pores of the scalp and into the blood.  One  bad effect is that it can lower the blood pressure. Rather than using chemicals to encourage hair growth, it is better to use Dietary measures, with Multivitamins,  Homeopathy, Herbs, and  Massage.   These things will naturally enhance your good health and help to prevent hair loss. Multivitamins can help the condition ...

How To Make Liquid Organic Comfrey Fertilizer

June 29th, 2011

Nitrogen-Rich Comfrey Fertilizer Here is how to make Comfrey Fertilizer for your garden.  Comfrey is rich in many nutrients, including nitrogen, and natural phosphates which are all good for the soil. Using natural fertilizers such as Comfrey Fertilizer will encourage the worms to come.  Worms are really beneficial for your garden, as they aerate the soil, as well as carry nutrients from the top of the ground to the roots of your plants. To Make your Organic Comfrey Fertilizer:  Simply put some comfrey, leaves, roots, flowers, and all, into a bucket.  You can almost half fill the bucket with Comfrey plant material.  Fill ...

How Comfrey Was Used To Heal Bones

June 28th, 2011

The Miracle Herb:   Comfrey, Knitbone, or Boneset: Silica and  Allantoin are the magic ingredients. Symphytum officinale, or Comfrey, is known by the common names:  knitbone, boneset, consolida, nipbone, bruisewort, church bells, and suckers, and allheal.  One of its more uncommon names is Abraham Isaac and Jacob:  This refers to the changing colours of Comfrey's flowers, which resemble  'Church bells'. Comfrey is a wonderful healer of wounds, and burns. I have used it with great success on burns.  For the healing of bones, I have no experience,  but Comfrey was used as a bone-healer in times long gone, and there is ...

Comfrey The ‘Miracle’ Healing Herb/Why Was It Banned?

June 25th, 2011

Comfrey The Forgotten Herb Just why has Comfrey, Symphytum officinale, become a forgotten herb?  Its value as a healing medicine has been recorded over a long period of time.  It has a long arm of proven efficacy as a healer of burns, a soother of the digestive tract, a strengthener of the teeth,  a healer of broken bones, and is a great tonic for falling hair and brittle nails.  And this is why Comfrey was known as The 'Miracle' herb. Comfrey is high in Silica, which is a healing component.  Another aid to healing in Comfrey is the component Allantoin, which is ...

Counteract Radiation Baking Soda and Epsom Salts

June 25th, 2011

Radiation Sickness Can Be Helped Radiation sickness can result from the effects of a nuclear explosion, from being exposed to radiation leakage from a nuclear power plant such as from the Japan nuclear crisis at Fukushima, from being near where nuclear weapons are tested, from eating food grown in a radiation-affected area or drinking water from the affected area,  from living or working near or in a nuclear power facility, or from  having had a series of X-Rays, as in Radiation -therapy for cancer. Radiation chemicals are toxins which accumulate in the body, just like other chemicals such as farmyard pesticides and ...
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