How To Attract The Power Of Good Or God Into Your Life

DSCO 1815The word ‘Good’ is synonymous with the word ‘God’.  And God is Good.

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The word ‘Good’, or ‘God’ has a power all of its own.  Saying the word ‘good’, and thinking about ‘good’, as well as doing ‘good’,  has a wonderful effect on the brain and the spiritual body.  The more that we say the word ‘Good’, and the more we expect the best in life, and for others, the more  we attract this power of ‘Good’ into our lives.

Counting Your Blessings:  The more we think about the Good that God has done, the more we talk about the GOOD things in life, and the less we talk or dwell on  the negative, the more chance that GOOD has to make our lives more meaningful, more rewarding, and happy.  This means visualizing good for the people we know, and even the people who bother us.  It means visualizing good for all the needy people in the world. This is the meaning of “Love Thy Neighbour”.  The more that we forget our woes and sing cheerful songs,  the more that we smile at others, the more that we accept one another, and wish the best for one another, the more Blessings  will come our way.  The more that we embrace the good, and expect the good, the more that we reject the negative and replace with the positive, the happier we will be, and the better our lives will become.

We should not forget this.  The times in my life where there was  prolonged hardship were the times  when I did forget about the ‘Power of Good’, when I left this concept behind, and turned my back on the Power of Good.  So Good found it hard to find its way back to me for a long time.  Of course, untoward experiences may happen in the life which we have no control over, and these can cause severe depression.  But it is precisely at these down times in our lives  that we need to make MORE effort to attract the power of Good.  “O thou of little faith.  Why didst thou not believe?”  Matthew 14:31.

If we give in to negative influences and cease our striving for Good, then we will be unhappy for a very long time. If we are consciously out to attract Good into our lives, then the losses and upheavals we encounter in life do not have such a serious, or prolonged impact on our lives, because, given the chance,  Good will  weave its beauty and its love  into our lives again.

We all have heard of the saying “One good turn deserves another”.  I think this expresses perfectly the way the ‘Power of Good’ works.  When good deeds are rewarded in kind we are given a definite  affirmative message about the ‘Power of Good’.  But even without those affirming rewards,  on a Spiritual level, when we endeavour to do the right thing – the GOOD thing, we build up our character and our Spiritual strength.  Thus Good is attracted to us.

The thing is to keep working at it, and to keep an unwavering  belief in the ‘Power of Good’, or ‘God’.  Belief is very important:  “As you believeth, so shall it be” – and –  “All things are possible to him that believeth”,  Mark 9.23.  Believe in the Power of Good, and Good will come to you.

Much has been written on the subject of  ‘The Power of Good.’  I really like Catherine Ponder’s book, called ‘The Healing Secret Of The Ages’, in which she has quite a lot to say about ‘The Power of Good’.  This book was first published in America, in 1967, by Parker Publishing Company, West Nyack, New York.  My copy is the UK edition published in 1978 by A. Thomas and Company, Wellingborough,  Northamptonshire.

Positive Affirmations of Good:  Catherine reminds us that ‘good’ is another name for ‘strength’.  If we have had the flu, we often tell people when we recover that we are ‘good’ again.  If a sore arm becomes better, we say that it is ‘good’ now.  Using positive affirmations which include the word ‘good’ will help to impart strength to all aspects of our being: mental, physical, and spiritual.  Catherine suggests declaring each day, and all that it contains, as ‘good’ at the beginning and at the end of the day.  Her words are:

‘As you begin each day, invoke your spiritual, mental and physical strength by declaring:  “I PRONOUNCE THIS DAY AND ALL ITS ACTIVITIES GOOD.”  at the end of the day, garner the blessings from it by declaring:  “IT WAS A GOOD DAY. BEHOLD, IT WAS VERY GOOD.”‘

Catherine stresses how affirmations of strength, synonymous with Good, feeds the subconscious and the mind power of strength, thus releasing strength into the ‘brain centers of each of your 12 mind powers.’

Declaring all that happens in a day as ‘GOOD’, at the end of the day, could be seen as becoming one with  ‘Counting your Blessings’.  Thus the Power of Good is attracted to us.  Thus the Power of Good can be released into your life, strengthening all that you say and do and think, giving you strength to help others, and strengthening all that you are and will become.

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