Healing Power and How To Develop It

‘Spiritual Healing is the most wonderful science in the world. No other science has done so much for suffering humanity.”  These words come from Murdo MacDonald-Bayne, who  published a book on Spiritual Healing in 1947.

Murdo MacDonald-Bayne was a healer who achieved much success in the pre-war Europe.  He had an enormous following.

His book  Spiritual and Mental Healing  has been republished in NZ, 2006.   You can purchase it from Mystica Publications,  P.O. Box 13-581 Christchurch, New Zealand.  Email [email protected]

I have quoted Murdo extensively in this post here, because he explains his method, and the phenomenon of healing,  so beautifully.  The main body of the text, though, is my own.

Spiritual Healing is widely accepted in many churches today.  Many traditional and fundamental churches practice what is really ‘Spiritual Healing’, through prayer and the laying on of hands. This is accepted as being OK.  But for many other people who practice healing outside of the church, the practice of Spiritual Healing through prayer and the laying on of hands, is not accepted.  These lay-practitioners of Spiritual Healing are seen by many as being the perpetrators of the devil’s work.  And God forbid if you have psychic ability.  Yet the church, and the Bible, reveres its own ‘prophets’ as being the voice of God.

This is a strange and ridiculous state of affairs – that spiritual healing and psychic-prophetic messages should be ok only if it they are performed by an authority of the church.

Many Christian people have a phobia towards the Eastern religions, and will  not accept healing if it is done by a Reiki practitioner, or a Shiatsu healer, or a Spiritualist.   Eastern spiritual practices such as yoga are often frowned upon by christian people, especially the christian fundamentalists.

But –   Healing is healing, no matter what religion you are from, no matter if you have no religion at all. And the beauty of it is that WE ARE ALL CAPABLE OF SPIRITUAL HEALING.

Yoga practice will benefit most people, whether or not they believe in a Divine Power or not, whether they belong to a church, or not.  And the same goes for Spiritual Healing.  Whether you have a faith, or a religion at all makes no difference, as long as the intention is there to heal.

Spiritual Healing is really  ‘mind over matter’.  If the intention is good, then your Spiritual guides or Angels will assist you in your healing practice. If you do not believe in these things, or a Divine Power, then you will be helped anyway, if your intention is good.  Gradually, if you persist in the good, and in healing, you will attain a higher level of understanding about Spiritual things.

That spiritual healing should be regarded as a gift of the Holy Spirit,  ONLY for the use  of people with ‘good’ connections to the church,  is a myth which has been perpetuated by the church for centuries.  Branding people who had psychic ability, or healing ability, as witches or sorcerers, was a convenient way of getting rid of people who were defying the authorities.  These people were often burnt at the stake, or jailed,  for their beliefs or their actions, because they were  conveniently judged to be working with the devil.  Not too different today, when people are jailed for some offense they have not committed, such as Julian Assange, when really the authorities just want to silence them.

This old hostility by the churches towards healers or psychics who operate outside of the church still remains today.  But, really, Divine Power which facilitates ALL healing, belongs to not just the priviledged few, but to all of us.  By developing our mental and spiritual states, increasing our concentration and enhancing our auric body, we can increase our innate healing power so that we can be a more useful tool in the matter of healing.

Murdo MacDonald-Bayne tells us how important it is to Develop Superconscious Concentration for the purpose of healing.

This requires a good deal of effort to increase ones powers of concentration.  It is important to spend regular time  in meditation so that the  sensitivities, and the will power are  developed.  Meditation also develops  the skill of tuning into Higher Power so that energy can be drawn from this source, to be channelled in spiritual healing.

Murdo talks of the need to have  faith in the the source of all healing, and that one should not be ‘trying too hard’ to achieve healing on one’s own. Have  belief in yourself,  then sit quietly waiting with  ‘expectant faithful concentration’, whilst keeping a constant  positive feeling within yourself.  As you sit and meditate, the mind is calmed so that the Holy Spirit, the Divine  Power, can infuse your being.’

When we pray or meditate with the intention to do good, the  Holy Spirit infuses our being with goodness.  The concentration is improved, whilst the  aura and the vital energies are expanded at the same time, giving us more healing power with which to help other people, as well as ourselves.

Murdo says:

“There is conscious conc entration and superconscious concentration. The latter is a concentration performed by the Spiritual Mind Consciousness and is the method used in this type of healing. When you practise it sufficiently you will get the feeling that you are really using another instrument apart from your mortal consciousness.

Murdo describes the feeling of being connected with Divine Power as being at one with the Cosmos, with the feeling of the ego sinking into oblivion.  He says:

‘We are now dealing wth the great White Light which some know as the Cosmic light. The White Light is the Christ Light. ‘I am the Light of the World.’ When in this Cosmic state the Divine White Light pours through you and enters the patient, tending to unite the patient with the Cosmic and conditions disappear. If the patient can retain this state his healing is permanent……’

Murdo Stresses The Importance Of Breathing Exercises, to Increase the Magnetic Force within the Body.  The magnetic force is the energy which helps sick people to become well again.

On page 85, Murdo describes the connection between the  emotional body and the  heart centre,  and how they are actually attached to each other.  The magnetic body, he says, lies between the shoulders, and this ‘carries the load,  and its centre is situated in the solar plexus and has a direct contact throught to the motor and sensory nerves to the cerebellum and higher tissues. The mental body is situated in the forehead and interpenetrates the emotional and the physical bodies. The Spiritual body, which is always perfect in itself and never is ill, is above the head. It is the mortal mind and body that is ill, not the spiritual body.’

The Spirit itself, wherein is the Divine Consciousness, never touches the body, and it is like a ray coming into the body, interpenetrating the various densities of the ether, all interpenetrating each other; these are your transformers. To develp the Healing Power you have to build up the magnetic body so as to carry the load that is necessary, – breathing exercises 8-4-8-4

So after the magnetic force is increased, a conscious will  is exerted to direct extra Power through to the hands.  This healing Power is transferred into the patient from the tips of your fingers – whether or not you touch the patient.

Murdo explains  ‘another mighty secret’ – The very same method of healing which Christ used in healing the sick.  This secret is How to raise the vibration to eliminate disease. You know by now that matter is force, it is not solid but in constant motion, vibrating at a certain speed. Now, when a person is sick, his mind and body have a low vibration……..Murdo goes on to say that By increasing the vibration of the patient, the patient’s vital force can be increased so that sickness is expelled from the body.

Murdo says:   Christ fully realised that all is in the Mind of God, and His Intelligence is in, and through, all things. In reality all is Mind, God’s Consciousness or Will being the animating Power. Christ recognised His oneness in Consciousness with the Father of all.

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  1. Hi, thanks for posting this. I have recently been following the teachings of the good Dr but I’m having some difficulty tracking down some of his other books. I wonder if you can help me?

  2. Hi Shae. About those healing books of Murdo MacDonald Bayne’s: I suggest that you email Mystica Publications in New Zealand. They published the book of Murdo MacDonald-Bayne’s which I have quoted parts of in this post, ‘Healing Power and How To Develop It’.

    Mystica Publications email address is: [email protected]
    I hope you manage to find the works you are looking for. Wonderful stuff, and so beautifully written, I think, which is why I took the liberty of duplicating several passages.

    Murdo’s healing spirit is with anyone who reads his words, I am sure.
    Kind Regards,

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