Dr Eva Hill’s Natural Cancer Therapy

Raw Food, A Natural Remedy For Cancer

‘Why Be Scared Of Cancer?’ This is the title of Dr Eva Hill’s famous healing book which was published in New Zealand in 1979 by G.K. Moore. Her other book is ‘A Simple Guide To Natural Health’.

Dr Eva Hill, who was born Eva Day,  is a famous New Zealand doctor who promoted a ‘natural’ cure for cancer.  She helped save many lives through her alternative cancer therapy, and was convicted because of it, ironically enough, at the court in Christchurch where her father worked as a magistrate.

The famous cricketer W.G. Grace, who was a doctor, was her uncle.

She was outstanding for her time, being one of the first women, and one of the youngest students, to graduate from the Otago University Medical School, in New Zealand.

Dr Hill worked as a GP for many years, and entered politics in 1954.  However, she developed cancer in an old wound in her cheek which changed the direction of her career.

Surgery on the cancer was not successful, and so she decided to follow a naturopathic treatment at the famous Hoxsey naturopathic clinic in Dallas, Texas. This treatment cured her cancer entirely

Dr Eva Hill came back to New Zealand in 1956 and began to treat people using the ‘natural’ cure for all ills. She was convinced that raw foods would work to cure all degenerative disease, and all cancers, including malignant melanoma.

Dr Eva Hill promoted organic food, and encouraged people to grow their own. She gave talks on the subject of growing organic food and how good nutrition was the key to cancer prevention and good health. She was a foundation member of the Soil and Health Foundation.

Dr Eva Hill campaigned against the fluoridation of water, as she believed that this practice contributed to diseases like cancer.

The well-publicized success of her own cure, as well as the successes she was having with her patients, brought her under the spot-light of the medical profession and the powerful multi-national drug companies, who did their best to stop her practising.  Dr Max Gerson was another one of the many doctors around this time who was punished by the medical profession for using unorthodox methods of treatment. He was forced to stop practicing medicine in America, and so he set up his cancer clinic in Mexico, where the American authorities had no sway.

She was charged under the Health Act, N.Z., and was virtually convicted in court because of not using drugs in her treatments.

Dr Hill appealed with the help of her supporters, and won her case.

She continued with her natural healing methods, curing and helping untold people during the course of her career.

As a general rule for maintaining good health, she advised avoiding all animal proteins, all cereals, white sugar and salt.  This is the  same advice given by Walter Last, a healer who worked in New Zealand a little later than Dr Eva Hill.  Walter also cured many people of so-called terminal illnesses using natural remedies.





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  1. I am the grand daughter of Dr Eva Hill and she was an amazing lady and we will never forget her. All people should read her books and make up their own minds.

  2. Hello Anna. How wonderful to hear from Dr Eva Hill’s grand-daughter on my blog. Yes. She was an amazing lady who cured many people of cancer through natural means. If you have any stories on her healing work which you would like to share with us, you are welcome to put these up here so that people can read them.
    Dr Eva Hill was well known for her fine healing work during her time, but she has since been largely forgotten in New Zealand. The medical profession, with drug companies influencing them, tend not to remember these wonderful natural healers or their methods.
    Good, I think, to remind our readers about how natural healing methods have been carried out successfully, years ago, by members of the medical profession themselves.
    I agree – Dr Eva Hil’s books on natural healing should be read by everybody.
    Thankyou for your comment.
    Kind Regards,

  3. Hi Merrilyn, I have recently read a book on Dr Hill’s life lent to me by the wife of one of her former patients. With Dr Hills guidance her husbands life was extended by several productive years and she often speaks of her with absolute admiration.
    I have also recently read Brenda Sampson’s book about Dr Ulric Williams who fought a similar battle with the authorities around the same time, yet in their books they have not mentioned each other?
    Either way, their collective advice is making an incredible difference to my own health and that of motivated friends. Their advice is timeless, good at the coal face medical practice.
    Do you know if there are any books about Dr Gerson
    Regards, Kevin

  4. Hi Kevin. Sorry, I have only just seen your comment. I have been moving out of Auckland the past two weeks and have hardly glimpsed at my comments or emails. One more trip back to Auckland tomorrow and that should be it.
    Yes – the advice of these astute and dedicated healers is timeless. Even though methods may differ somewhat, the main commonalities of the regenerative diet are: the idea of cleansing and detoxifying the body as efficiently as possible, using plenty of nutrient-rich foods which are easily assimilated, i.e. enzyme-rich fresh vegetable and fruit juices, and raw salads, and keeping cooked food to a minimum.
    I cannot think of another Gerson book right at the moment, but I will give some thought to this when I return from Auckland.
    Best wishes,

  5. My mother Renee adopted Dr Hill’s teaching on diet. Mum learned too late to enjoy maximum benefit (dying from cancer ten years after diagnosis, age 50 in Feb 1981) but I feel sure her legacy to me, thanks to Dr Hill, is overall good health because of some good practices I picked up from watching Mum.
    I have Mum’s precious copy of Dr Hills book “a simple guide to better health” and a hand written note Dr Hill wrote to Mum in Dec 1978. I would love to read “Cancer and Cure” if you or visitors to your blog happened to know where I could purchase a copy?
    It has been commented Dr Hill’s teaching might be a little forgotten… but not in my circle!… I know Mum found her an inspiration as I do. This plants a desire in me to share her teaching with others and of course my own children. Dr Hill’s family can feel assured her name and work is still very much appreciated and respected.
    Thank you for this opportunity to share!

  6. Hi Debbie,
    Thankyou so much for your comments on Dr Eva Hill and her famous cancer therapy. It is really wonderful to hear a little more about her life and her work, and I hope that, from reading your comment, other people will be inspired to read her books and follow her methods. Will look out for that book ‘Cancer and Cure’ for you.
    Best Wishes,

  7. I have searched all over for her books can anyone please tell me where people can get her books they really do need to be republished. I have spent hours on the internet UK and USA sites looking for her books its such a shame that no one seems to even stock them in New Zealand. My husbands grandfather lived an extra 20 years with cancer following the recommendations of Dr Hill and when he finally died they could not believe that he had lived that long with his back riddled with melanoma. Please could anyone help with tracking both her books. Cheers Joy

  8. Hello Joy. Great to hear the story about your husband’s grandfather living an extra 20 years with cancer following the recommendations of Dr Hill.
    I am pretty sure that these books have been republished by a small NZ publishing company. Thought I had given an address for the publishing firm, but I could be wrong.
    I will have another look and see if I can find the publisher for you.
    I agree that these books should be republished, as they give an easy-to-follow procedure for treating cancer. And this information is backed up by the proven case histories which she refers to – a very valuable resource.
    Let’s hope that either I can find this info for you, or that a reader comes up with it.

  9. My local Library ordered for me “Why Be Scared Of Cancer” by Dr. Eva Hill, It has obviously been well read by many. It was Published by G.W.Moore Ltd. P.O.Box 26-222, Auckland. First Edition 1979. and Printed by Times Commercial Printers; Hamilton. My grandmother knew her and admired her greatly and followed her dietary advice.I remember her saying she was a relative but never questioned the relationship.
    Have enjoyed the comments, regards, Gloria

  10. Thankyou for that information Gloria. Joy and others who have enquired about these healing books will be pleased to have this information.
    It really is wonderful to have all this feed-back coming in from people who have had connections with Dr Eva Hill.
    I think is is a good thing to be promoting ideas about treating cancer naturally, and talking about Dr Eva Hill’s methods and successes is one sure way of doing this.
    Thanks again.
    Kind Regards,

  11. I also have Eva’s book “Why be scared of Cancer” which I purchased in NZ in the early 80’s. I have loaned it to many people and I always ask for it to be returned because I cannot find another anywhere nor can I find her books on soil etc.
    I hope someone can also tell me where I can buy Eva’s books. My Father was a great fan of hers. When they began putting flouride in the water in Dunedin my father was so upset. He said that we would never be able to get it out of the food chain as people would water their gardens with water from the taps. He said then in the 60’s that there would be more cancers. I think he was well and truly before his time.

  12. Hello Elaina – Great to get your feedback on Dr Eva Hill’s natural methods for treating cancer and other diseases.
    ‘Why Be Scared of Cancer’ is a wonderful little manual on how to treat the disease.
    Interesting about your father clicking onto the worry about fluoride getting into our plants and soil from fluoridation treatments. Yes – he is right – more cancers now – fluoride in our drinking water will be a contributing cause, as will vaccination antibiotics of many kinds, and pesticides and herbicides which are still being poured onto agricultural soil, and in the towns and cities on parks and grassed areas.

  13. Dear Merrilyn, I am a Dutch publisher and I would like to publish the books of Dr. Eva Hill in the Dutch and German language. unfortunly I can´t get her books. Maybe someone can scan her books for me and send them to my emailadress, [email protected], I would apriciate it very much, because I have a lot of books of alternative cancer cures.

  14. Dear Merrilyn, Dr Eva Hill cured my grandmother of cancer in her womb when she was 63-5 years old. Eva helped her kill a huge growth, My grandmother was on the Hoxsey medicine and lots of green salads. Much easier to do today because of the better juicers that you can get today. Yes my grandmother did lose a lot of weight from 13 stone down to 9 stone. In the finish she came out to our house this weekend very ill so my mother put her to bed. In the morning she called out to me to get my mother as she was bleeding from her front passage. Eva said we had to get her into hospital as fast as we could and when she was in there she passed what was described as a huge growth just like having a baby. The doctors couldn’t understand why this growth was dead. When they asked my grandmother what she was doing she just said that, “Her guardian angel was looking after her not wanting to tell the authorities anything knowing they wanted any excuse to get Eva into court. My grandmother lived another 30 odd years till 93 in good health.

  15. Dear Walter,
    Thankyou. It is good to hear this story of a cancer patient who made a successful recovery by using natural methods. A reminder to readers – Killing off cancer cells through diet, cleansing, and prayer/meditation is quite possible, as Walter’s story verifies.

    I am sure many people will be inspired by how your Grandmother was cured by following Dr Eva Hill’s alternative advice.
    Interesting that the authorities were trying to get Dr Eva into court – The same thing happened to the American doctor, Dr Max Gerson, who also cured many people of cancer, and other degenerative disease, with his natural methods. He was driven out of America by the FDA, the medical profession, and the drug companies who are notorious for suppressing knowledge about ‘natural’ or alternative methods of treating disease.
    It seems that, even when patients have been left to die by the medical profession who can do no more to help some patients, there is massive resistance to trying alternative therapies, just in case they work when the orthodox methods have failed.
    Dr Max Gerson fled to Mexico, where he continued to treat many patients of terminal illnesses.
    Thanks again. Great story.
    Kind Regards,

  16. good to see writings about Dr Eva Hill. Have been aware of her for many years as I have her booklet Simple guide to Better Health. Until now I have not been able to find anything on the net about her. Makes very interesting reading. I do not shun modern medicine, I just think respect should be given to both ideas of conventional and alternate as both have a place and need to walk hand in hand.

  17. My Grandmother was treated by Eva Hill while in her twenties, she believes her diet completely cured her cancer, and it has many times since then, Nana is still alive today, and my whole family knows the Eva Hill diet. I have a copy of ‘A Simple Guide to Better Health’ but would also love a copy of the second book. Eva seems to me to have been an incredible women who lived an incredible life, she was very ahead of her time.

  18. Hello there. I am an expat kiwi living in France and have just remembered that my mother used to eat a detox soup prescribed by Dr Eva Hill. My mother is now 92 years old and can no longer remember the recipe; does anybody know the details please? I do remember that there was a lot of silverbeet in it, but was too young to take in the details. Many thanks.

  19. Hi there. I visited Dr Hill in Te Awamutu when I was 25yrs old & I am now 66yrs old. I did not seek her help for cancer my problem was I had Rheumatic Fever and was completely paralized & unable to walk. I was on the diet for nearly 2x years & in that time I managed to walk & also return to work. None of the modern tablets did a scrap of good and Eva told me to throw them away and so I did as she told me. I purchased her book which she also signed it, but over the years I have unfortunately lost it. I would love to obtain the diet again. My life would have been so different had I not met her . Joan.

  20. Hello Joan. What a wonderful story about Dr Eva Hill and the help that she gave you for curing the Rheumatic Fever.
    Dr Eva Hill, for the benefit of readers, was one famous New Zealand doctor who believed in a ‘natural’ cure for most ailments. I have one of her books, and I must get around to outlining her basic formula for curing disease, so that other people may benefit from it.
    Walter Last is another great New Zealand naturopath and healer. He helped and cured many people while he was working in Whangarei. Walter saved my life many years ago when I was chronically ill after 245T poisoning.
    Dr Max Gerson is another great physician – American – who cured many so-called ‘incurable’ disease – I have written much about his method, and how it has been used to cure diseases of many kinds.
    Dr Ann Wigmore was another who used alternative methods for healing disease.
    For healing a breast-lump, which may have been cancer, I read books of all the above, and took what I could from them. After three months of following a 90% raw-foods diet, taking a dose of castor oil each second day, and with the enemas recommended by Walter Last and Dr Gerson, the lump had disappeared.
    I will endeavour to post up a resume of Dr Hill’s method very soon.
    Thanks again.
    Best Regards,

  21. Hello Merrilyn!

    Last year I was diagnosed with MND. Early signs and I am young, only 40 years old. Hugely happily married with 4 boys, 2 to 8 yrs old. This IS NOT FAIR. I have read about Dr Eva Hills and are keen to do one of her diets. Do you know which book would be best for me to track down? (Although this sounds problematic).

    Thank you. Carlene

  22. I am devastated I have just discovered that well meaning family cleaned out several drawers in my study recently & have thrown out my copy of one of Eva Hills books signed by her
    Years ago my son had reason to go on a very strict eating plan after a visit from her He had had a lump removed from his throat & we then discovered that he had brown moles growing all over his body at a great rate He was on her program for 12 months with great success Her book & several letters between Dr Hill & I were in the book thrown out
    I also had a visit to Dr Hill myself when told I had breast cancer I took her advise & declined going under the knife also taking her diet on board that was many years ago both my son & I have both benefited from our visits to this wonderful lady
    Please is there somewhere that I can buy her books like many people I have searched the internet several times & the only place where there are copies of 2 of her books is the Dunedin library & I am sure they wouldn’t lend them out being so valuable plus the fact that I live at the other end of New Zealand
    Thank you for listening
    Regards a very upset Christine

  23. Hi there – I have a friend who has just been diagnosed with cancer and has 6 months to live and am desperate to get hold of Eva Hill’s books. I can’t find any record of GW Moore Publishers or the Times Commercial Printers mentioned above. If anyone does know if someone is still publishing can they please let me know – i suspect they are not as I can’t find her books on any websites anywhere. Thank you in advance.

  24. Kelly
    Down here in New Zealand we have Trade Me like EBay & at the moment Eva hills book Simple Guide to better health is on there I had it offered to me after putting a notice for her books on the Notice board on Trade Me but I have since found a copy on Abe books com actually there was another copy of the book on there also anyway worth a try Trade Me & Abe Books
    Do hope you have some luck

  25. Hi Christine,
    Fantastic to get your letter about Eva Hill and her books, and to hear that the Dunedin Public Library has two copies.
    But what a shame your children threw out those books.
    Many people have expressed the desire to buy Dr Eva Hill’s books, but no-one yet seems to have been successful in purchasing them.
    So it is good to know that at least the Dunedin library has them.
    I have one of her books- ‘Why Be Scared Of Cancer’ and I wonder about the legality of actually putting it up on my website for people to use. It is not a big book – perhaps only around 50 pages.
    Otherwise, I will outline her treatment which I remember is quite simple.
    Thanks again for a wonderful letter.
    Best Wishes

  26. Hi Kelly,
    Sorry to hear about your friend with cancer. I have just gotten around to answering my comment – apologies.
    Christine has written in with some useful information for you about where to buy Dr Eva Hill’s books. She has just managed to purchase one online. Worth a try – Trade Me & Abe Books
    There are many other good books to read. Try those by Dr Ann Wigmore who cured herself of cancer through following a modified version of Dr Max Gerson’s – also good to procure.
    Dr Gerson’s castor oil treatment has had many successes. Read my latest post on ‘How Enemas Can Help Cancer And Arthritis’
    Vitamin C megadoses are mightily useful in treating cancer – Read
    I will send you a few more relevant posts which may help.
    Best Wishes to your friend,

  27. Hi Merrilyn

    I would be interested in reading her book Why Be Scared of Cancer as I am sure many others would be I have also been lucky enough to get a copy of Dr Eva Hill’s life story written by John Barrett recently

    Thank you

  28. Hi Christine,
    That’s great. I will get around to putting up some more info from Dr Eva Hill’s book soon.
    Best Wishes,

  29. I have lent my copy of Why be scared of Cancer out once too often. It hasnt been returned. I bought it in tbe 80s along with tbe works of Arnold Ehret when I needed dietary assistance. .
    Has anyone followed up with tbe dutch publisher I wonder

  30. I am most interested in paying for a scan of the copy of the Why be scared of Cancer book. Is anyone able to contact me regarding this?

  31. Hi Victoria,
    Unfortunately, this book is hard to find now. However, I have covered her cleansing regimes in the following posts listed here. My book ‘No Cancer And Good Health Notebook’, captioned alongside these articles, has other useful information on treating cancer naturally.
    The operative technique, apart from eating great quantities of raw fruit and vegetables and their juices, is to use enemas.
    This is a cleansing technique which many people decide to side-step, but it is REALLY important to wash out the bowels regularly whilst you are cleansing the body and getting rid of cancer. If you don’t cleanse out the bowels, then chances are that the cancer will return. Dr Gerson discovered that enemas were imperative in people continuing to improve – before he began using these, he found that people would improve on his dietary regime, but then they would suddenly take a turn for the worse again. He lost many of his patients, after they had had initial success in recovery, because of toxic build-up in the bowels – the liver and other organs are expelling toxins so quickly on a natural diet, that often, the system cannot expel them quickly enough, and they get reabsorbed, which can often start the cancer going again.

  32. Unfortunately my partner has pancreatic cancer and whil I really appreciate these message boards, could someone please write out some of the key things Dr eva hill recommended such as can you eat avocado or should you avoid all fats? And any other information other than the cleanses as the books are so hard to get esspecially when living on the uk side of the world! Would really appreciate it! Clutching at straws here!! Big love!

  33. Hi Mevern,
    I do know of one man who recovered naturally from pancreatic cancer. He used a lot of Vitamin C each day. They lived a long way from the city, and so did not use intravenous vitamin C. But his mainly raw food diet, Vitamin C, 6000 to 8000 mg per day, and constant bowel cleansing did the trick. I have outlined Dr Eva Hill’s therapy in my book ‘No Cancer and Good Health Notebook’, with several other natural therapies for cancer. You can click on the icon for the book on any of my posts.
    Best Wishes,

  34. I recovered from terminal double-hit lymphoma following Dr.Hills advice to go raw, 4 years ago.I still aim to eat raw.

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