Diet To Help Regrow Tooth Enamel

Regrow Tooth Enamel

There are many different natural ways to treat and cure cancer, and the same methods have been found to regrow tooth enamel.

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It Doesn’t Happen Overnight: The important thing is to sustain your chosen diet over a long period:  It took  Jacqui Davison a year to regrow her tooth enamel…….Jacqui was following an adapted version of the Max Gerson alternative cancer diet which her daughter had come across.  She was expected to die of cancer within a week or two, so she agreed to let her daughter have her way and try the diet out, because there was simply nothing to lose by doing so.  Medical doctors had given up on her case, and she had come home to die.

After a year on a special dietary regime, with a castor oil cleanse  every second day, Jacqui grew new hair,  and her tooth cavities  where she had had fillings before, all healed up.

Note:  Tooth enamel will only regrow on teeth which have the nerve still intact. If this has been removed, then the tooth cannot be fed from the inside.   Capped teeth will not regrow, as they are clinically ‘dead’.

So –  it was by accident that Jacqui discovered that you can actually regrow tooth enamel.  She was intent on staying alive and beating the cancer.  As she began to get well, the old fillings all fell out.  This was  after about 6 months of doing the diet.  She kept on the diet but did not bother seeing a dentist, as this was not a priority at this stage. After a year, she suddenly realized one day that she had great teeth.  She just had not noticed them repairing themselves over ther year, because she was more concerned about whether she would survive.

It was by accident that I, too, discovered that tooth enamel does indeed repair itself when the diet is kept alkaline and is  especially nutritious. My son had a cavity in his front tooth which had distressed me, but since it was only small, I decided to leave it for the meantime.  My own teeth were drilled excessively when I was young, and so I considered  it would be best not to make the hole deeper by drilling. ” We would just keep an eye on it”, I thought.

We were on a similar diet to the one which Walter Last had put me on about eight years earlier.  This was to prevent eczema, which my son and I were very prone to since being sprayed by helicopter with 245T – farmers collaborated to kill blackberry which covered the hills around our house which  we had bought, in the Hokianga.

Another outbreak of eczema  had resulted from eating some foods which we were allergic to, and this decided me on returning to the stringent  diet which avoided all wheat, sugar, and dairy products, with the exception of butter.

This particular ‘maintenance diet’  diet of Walter Last’s allowed lean meats, eggs, fish, nuts and seeds, but emphasized raw foods, with the inclusion of green salads with sprouted mung beans and alfalfa.

Regrowing teeth was not what I was concerned about:  It was staying clear of eczema which was my prime concern.  My eldest child was the one who suffered from this, as well as myself.  After following the diet rigidly for six to nine months, I happened to notice that the tooth cavity in my son’s front tooth had just disapppeared.

This is a version of the diets which have been promoted by Walter Last and Max Gerson.   This information  might be helpful to those who wish to try to repair their teeth naturally.  Ask your health professional about this before attempting the diet.  There are also dentists about, though maybe  hard to find,  who treat teeth with combinations of minerals to fix those cavities.

The Diet We Used:

No Sugar – No Wheat – that means No Wheat BreadNo dairy products except for butter.

This is important.  I believe that the removal of these things from the diet is perhaps 75% of the reason the diet works.

Carrots and Celery: These are very alkaline foods which benefit the health enormously.   Eat several carrots a day, and a stick or two of celery.  My children’s lunches had sliced carrot and a half stick of celery every day.  We ate carrots and celery as snacks during the day, as well as almonds and sunflower seeds and fruit.  Carrots and celery are great foods to clean the teeth after eating.  I think that these two raw foods had much to do with my son’s  tooth cavity which healed itself.

Milk: If you had your own cow which was fed on wholesome  organic pasture, and your milk was unpasteurized, then that might be a different story.  But commercial dairy  milk, unless it is organic, contains all sorts of chemicals such as antibiotics, growth hormones, fertilizer chemicals, herbicides and pesticides.  These get concentrated in the milk.  So – commercial pasteurized milk is not the best food for people recovering from serious disease like cancer, and I believe it is not the best for tooth enamel either.

Walter Last believes that milk actually DEPLETES calcium from the body, instead of enriching it, and that milk causes mucous build up in the intestines which creates toxins. This mucous build up interferes with digestion and upsets the intestinal flora, resulting in candida and other sickness.

Where Do I Get My Calcium From?

So – You give up milk. Do you know that the brassica family are very high in calcium?  These vegetables are cabbage, broccoli, brussels sprouts, kale and cauliflower.  These vegetables are excellent for the teeth. Some of these vegetables should be eaten every day with the evening meal.

Do you know that sesame seeds and sunflower seeds are very rich in calcium? Sunflower seeds are especially high:  One handful of sesame seeds is meant to contain around 1200mg of calcium and magnesium, which is more than you get in a glass of milk.  Masticating these seeds is very good for the teeth, as the fiber content is a natural cleaning abrasive.

Nuts and Seets: A portion of either sunflower seeds, or  sesame seeds  should be eaten at every meal.  Other nuts, and almonds are also good.

Almonds:  Eat five or six almonds every day. If  you are a tall person, then you could eat slightly more.  Almonds are an alkaline and  healing food.  They contain Vitamin B 6,  protein, and laetrile which has been shown to help cancer patients recover.  Very small amounts of cyanide are found in almonds, and this small amount is helpful to healing  if only a moderate amount is taken each day.  Again, munching on almonds is good for the teeth.

Eat Two Raw Egg Yolks a Day: Iron, protein, Vitamin B, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, calcium, an lecithin are some of the valuable goodies found in  raw egg yolk.  Raw egg yolk is slightly laxative, which means that it does not congest the bowels.

Note:  You do not eat the egg white  raw, but discard this.  Raw egg white is difficult to digest unless it is beaten up in a smoothie, or cooked.

Raw egg yolk is easy to stomach if it is mixed into a fruit juice.  It is also pleasant added to a mashed banana, with a little olive oil, as a dessert.

Alkaline Greens – Mung Bean Sprouts:  These should be eaten in salads twice a day.

A large salad should be eaten at lunchtime and at the evening meal.  Mung bean sprouts are very alkaline.  they contain Vitamin C, iron, Vitamin B, calcium and other minerals and they are high in fiber.  Their alkaline nature, and the fibrous quality of mung bean sprouts is good for the digestion and the teeth.

Alfalfa sprouts can be added to these two salads as well. Alfalfa is especially alkaline and is excellent for the teeth.

Celery is another excellent food for the disgesion and for the teeth.  Eating lots of celery is good for promoting saliva flow, and the high fiber cleans the teeth.  It is another high quality alkaline food.

Note:  Celery is high in sodium, so if you have blood pressure problems, it might be best not to eat too much of this.  Pregnant women and lactating women are not meant to have too much celery in the diet.  However, I find that it is in excellent food when eaten raw, for the purposes of keeping the teeth in good health.

Lettuce, avocado, tomato, peppers, garlic, spring onion, chopped celery, parsley and fresh spinach are all good salad vegetables.

Sample Menu For The Day

You can survive indefinitely on this diet. It is  a good all-rounder for improving the health, and is generally a  good one for gluten-sensitive people and for people who are  slightly over-weight.  This diet, combined with appropriate exercise,  should  help you to lose excess weight in a healthful way, and tone up the immune system.

Carrot Juice: Begin the day with a  glass of freshly juiced carrot juice.  Put one raw, free range egg yolk into the carrot juice and stir it up. The carrots should be organic carrots if you can get them.

Oatmeal Porridge and Apple: Follow the carrot juice with a large plate of oatmeal porridge.  Do not use sugar, or milk on the porridge, but grate up one whole apple instead, and put this on top of the porridge.   A knob of butter or some olive oil may be added.  Use about 5 dates for sweetening.  A handfulof sesame seeds can be sprinkled on the grated apple.  This gives you almost the daily requirement of calcium in one meal, without using dairy milk.

Max Gerson used  porridge with grated apple for his cancer patients.  Breakfast with porridge was the only cooked food taken for quite some time.

Morning Tea: Take a glass of juice, say freshly juiced celery and apple in a 50/50 combination.  Eat a few sunflower seeds, or some almonds.  Have a mashed banana with a handful of mung bean sprouts if you really are hungry.

Lunch:  Eat a LARGE SLALAD which consists of Mung Bean Sprouts and any of the salad vegetables mentioned above.  A small cupful of brown rice with olive oil or a little butter, and some tuna or a can of sardines can be eaten with the salad.  If you prefer, lean beef or chicken could be used instead of fish; or a helping of gluten-free cornmeal bread can be taken for protein.

Afternoon Tea: Juice a beetroot with an apple.  Drink this.  Or have celery and apple if you prefer.  Eat some sunflower seeds or a tablespoon or two of seame seeds mixed into a mashed banana. A little olive oil may be added. Munch on a half stick of celery to clean the teeth after the sweet banana.

Tea: Have a juice of apple and carrot, or celery and apple,  or beetroot and apple.  Add the second raw egg yolk to the juice.  If you prefer, the egg yolk can be added to an olive oil aioli dressing instead of having them in juice.  But try it – raw egg yolk in juice is quite palatable.

A large Mung Bean Salad with any of the salad vegetables as mentioned above.  Use olive oil for dressing.    Cooked greens such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower or brussels sprouts should accompany the meal for extra calcium and vitamins.  Have one cupful of cooked brown rice with the salad and cooked greens.

A helping of lean beef, or chicken, or fish may be taken with the rice and vegetables.  Or a slice of vegetarian and gluten free corn bread could be added to the meal to provide protein.

Dessert: One grated apple with chopped dates, olive oil, mashed banana and sesame seeds or sunflower seeds.

Finish with a stick of celery to clean the teeth.

If you are still hungry on this diet, then eat more of any of the allowable foods.  For a change, a  cup of pea soup may be taken in place of the brown rice for the evening meal, or eaten as well as the rice, salad and cooked greens.

Alternatives to Wheat – Gluten Free Bread:

At least one day in the week, I made cornmeal bread which was entirely gluten free.  My recipe used several eggs, so this gluten free cornbread was a protein-rich substitute for wheat bread.  This tasty bread was ideal for growing children. Eaten with plenty of salad,  it is easy to digest.

Detoxify With Castor Oil: In doing justice to the healing methods of Walter Last and Max Gerson,  more than a mention must be made of detoxifying methods.  Max Gerson used castor oil every second day for cancer and other degenerative disease.  Of course, the more strictly you practice your diet and detoxification methods, the more quickly you will heal.  But you need not take castor oil every second day to regenerate tooth enamel.  We only took castor oil occasionally the year that my son’s tooth healed.

Walter Last and Max Gerson both insisted that enemas be used daily for cleansing, in order for the body to regenerate itself and heal.  I think that if you are serious about regrowing teeth, then cleansing on a regular basis is essential.

Detox With Kiwifruit: Having said that, if you really are averse to using an enema, then a whole meal  of kiwi fruit taken once or twice a week will clean your intestines out very effectively.   You need to eat lots at the one sitting – about 6 or 8 kiwifruit for the one meal, or as many as you feel you can eat.  It is OK to take a vegetable juice such as carrot, or carrot and celery, or carrot and apple, with your breakfast of kiwifruit.  Even better to do this with an enema to follow, but………….

Adjust Your Diet To Your Needs: More protein may be taken.   More brown rice may be taken.  More greens and fruit may be taken.  More nuts and seeds may be taken.  More vegetable juices may be taken.  Adjust the diet to your needs.  If you work hard on a physically demanding job, then you will need more food than someone who leads a more sedentary lifestyle.

The most important thing is to keep the level of  alkaline raw greens ‘up’ in the diet, and to avoid wheat, milk and sugar.

128 thoughts on “Diet To Help Regrow Tooth Enamel”

  1. When you followed this diet did your teeth regenerate? Im going to give it a try because i really want to regrow my enamel back but i also got a question, when you followed this diet did your tooth show improvement? Did enamel regrow? Actually im 18, do think this method would work for me? I would apreciate it you can answer my doubts and question and thank you for all the info Merrilyn, you have given me hope.

  2. Hi again, Alan, and thanks for your comments and questions.
    I only know of two instances personally, where a diet such as this one has helped the teeth. One was somebody I knew who came to me after I had just written a book about how you can treat illness with a diet such as that of Max Gerson’s and Walter Last’s: I did these books to spread the word, because diet had just worked for me in curing illness.
    This person had a rare gum disease. She followed the diet I put her on very strictly, and used castor oil every second day. She had been told her gum disease would mean that all her teeth would have to be extracted individually, and that each tooth would have to be treated and then replaced in the gums. Very very costly. She decided to stop seeing the dentist at least until she had tried doing something ‘natural’. After doing just three months on the diet with castor oil too, she had recovered from the disease. She was one person who went away and meticulously did everything i said to do, including taking castor oil and using enemas. The dentist then told her that she can’t have had that gum disease if she had got better using diet and detoxification.
    The second instance was when my son and I were on a special diet – not quite so rigid as the one I had given to Marian, but pretty much the same. We did not use castor oil every second day, or enemas, and my children did not necessarily have raw egg every day because they were at school. Instead, they had hard boiled eggs in their lunches, along with raw carrots and celery and apple, almonds, peanuts, cashews and cornmeal bread which was gluten free and which I made myself. On this diet, which was given to treat eczema, the tooth cavity healed after about 9 months. We were careful not ever to have dairy products, or wheat, and rarely took sugar except occasionally in a soy bean ice cream which was a rare treat. The diet is really hard work and you have to be determined.
    Hope this helps. Regards, Merrilyn.

  3. Dear Alan, Check out the post I have just put up on how to prevent kidney stones, entitled ‘Help Prevent Kidney Stones’. This is another version of the alkaline diet which might give you some ideas. The same basic diet, generally speaking, is helpful in treating many illnesses, because it works at improving the overall health. Of course, specific herbs and supplements might change, depending on what you are treating, but the basics of the alkaline diet remain the same.
    Cheers, Merrilyn.

  4. Hey thanks for the article. I have some fillings in . My dentist told me that I am prone to cavities because my teeth are so small. I have started to change my diet to a more alkaline diet I also use tooth-soap instead of toothpaste. You are saying the key is basically an alkaline diet? is there anything else that is really important?

  5. Hi Becca, Thankyou for your comment.
    The key things to avoid are sugar, dairy foods and wheat. Avoiding gluten is important. Use brown rice instead of wheat products. No bread or pasta.
    The other key factor is to eat lots of RAW CELERY and CARROTS. End each meal with these. Chewing a stick of celery after each meal keeps the mouth alkaline
    and cleans your teeth naturally with celery juice and fiber. Celery has natural antibiotic properties and helps to kill damaging bacteria in the mouth which cause decay. Eating raw celery and carrots also provides plenty of fiber for your digestion. Your intestines will be cleansed by eating these raw foods, which means that they will process your foods more efficiently.
    Eat as much of your food raw as you can. All protein foods are OK – flesh foods and vege. Raw and cooked vegetables are good. Always eat something raw with every meal.
    It takes a while to notice the effects of such a programme, especially to regrow tooth enamel. But you should see some positive results after about 3 months if you follow the diet faithfully.
    Regards, Merrilyn

  6. Hi,im trying to heal a damaged tooth,does this diet really work?
    I´ve had this tooth damaged for so long that i figured it must be impossible to heal.
    Thank you.

  7. Hi,
    could soya be used as substitute for dairy products or is that on the black list too? Also why are enemas/eating kiwi so essential? I understand that it helps to cleanse your body but how does this help with the regrowing of tooth enamel?

  8. we get organic grass fed raw milk here in California. So, is it a good idea to include raw milk with your alkaline diet.

    Traditionally, it is believed that milk is good for teeth, so is Dr Weston Price clinical studies/experiment.

    Could you please comment on this.

  9. Yes – organic milk could be a good thing. I used raw, unpasteurized, organic goat’s milk to supplement breast milk whilst feeding my youngest, fifth child. We had no problems with this.
    Unpasteurized milk would be best, as pasteurized milk is not processed so well by the body.
    When my eldest child recovered the tooth enamel on the front tooth, we were not on a specific cancer diet, but were using a high alkaline diet which included most proteins excluding milk. We used abundant amounts of raw, and some cooked, green vegetables, rice and a high proportion of salad foods at every meal. Large amounts of raw carrot snacks and celery were eaten daily.
    This was a diet which we found effective for preventing eczema. Coincidentally, it worked to help heal the front tooth. But he was young and had plenty of vitality to grow tooth enamel on this diet.
    Jacqui Davison was using mainly all raw foods and juices, and was also using daily enemas and castor oil every second day to treat her terminal cancer. Her diet was much more radical, and she coincidentally grew back all her teeth except for the one where the root had been removed. She found her teeth had restored themselves after a year on the diet.
    So – while we did not use milk at all the year I was treating my son for eczema, I think that organic milk in the diet could be a good thing, so long as you do not have an intolerance to milk, and that you are using more than 50% raw foods in this diet.
    Note: unfortunately, I had had all my teeth removed at the age of 26 or 27, after the death of a child: This happened before I discovered that people HAD in fact recovered their tooth enamel through diet. It was after becoming sick myself that I researched different methods to restore the health, and found that it is possible for the teeth to repair themselves.
    Obviously, the more raw food the better. I would aim at 75% and include proteins with this. You must also make sure that you are getting AMPLE supplies of nutrients in your food. Ideally, you would have a fresh juice, as Jacqui Davison did, every hour, as well as the supplements of protein.
    Regards, Merrilyn.

  10. Hello,

    about regrowing tooth enamel in general. Like a tooth that is broken but the rooth is still intact and half of the tooth is gone but the other is still in the mouth but that tooth has a composit filling not facings or what ever just a composit attached. How would that enamel grow back again if that composit is attached to the teeth. Will the enamel destroy the composit or something.

  11. Thankyou Henzer – The reports which I have about growing new tooth enamel indicate that it is possible, though difficult, to regenerate new enamel if the nerve is still inside the tooth. Composite fillings should not matter, unless the whole of the nerve has been removed. But it is a really full-on diet with much detoxification and raw food (protein too, in some cases, or at a later date in the cancer treatments) which has been helpful in growing new tooth enamel. Not many people would really put the necessary effort in unless they had a life-threatening disease such as cancer. But the essence of my message is really that diet DOES affect your teeth – not only the natural health of your teeth, but diet also helps maintain that tooth enamel. Hope that helps. Regards, Merrilyn.

  12. I have suffered from bulimia for a few years now and it has taken a toll on my teeth. I am recovering and every day is a struggle for me. I am concerned about my teeth and I am wondering if this diet will work for teeth that have been damaged by acid.

  13. Hi Jessica – It could help. However, I think that since you have suffered bulimia, you MUST see a naturopath, or holistic dentist, or some other health professional before beginning any diet such as the Max Gerson Cancer diet, or any other diet. Following any strict regime such as the Gerson one might be the worst thing for your eating disorder.
    You need to see a naturopath or holistic dentist or naturopathic medical doctor so that your progress could be monitored, and so that deficiencies will not occur.
    These diets have been undertaken by people who were seriously ill, Most people would not put the same effort into a diet just for the sake of their teeth.
    The people who have recovered from disease using a diet such as this, and who have also recovered their tooth enamel, have been on diets rich in nutrients. Supplements such as wheat grass juice, carrot juice, liver broth etc are all helpful.
    My son had a tooth heal when he was about 11 or 12. We had excluded dairy, wheat and sugar from the diet for the 9 months prior to discovering the tooth had healed. But we had a protein rich diet, with rice, cornmeal bread, olive oil, and lots of salad. He ate a lot of raw celery and carrot snacks, and hard boiled eggs and almonds in his school lunches, instead of the usual bread and suchlike.
    However, I cannot promise that the same thing will happen in that amount of time, with the same modified diet we used: He was young and healthy except for excema – if you are an older person and you are already unwell, then I think that the addition of wheat grass juice, and vegetable juice taken every hour, might be necessary.
    In your case, YOU SHOULD NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES TO YOUR DIET WITHOUT SEEING A PROFESSIONAL; if you have had bulimia, then you MUST see a professional – You don’t want to do anything radical with your diet that might bring this on again.
    Regards, Merrilyn

  14. I can attest to the benefits of animal products and the regeneration/regrowth of tooth enamel. The most beneficial animal products would be those that are high in fat, such as butter and cod liver oil. These fats offer transport to vitamins and minerals found in fruits and vegetables to your teeth and other bodily organs.

    The absolute worst foods for teeth are grains, neolithic foods and processed foods. Wheat is thought to be the most cariogenic food to teeth, it has anti-nutrients (gluten protein being one) that wreak havoc on your body at the cellular level. All grains, legumes and processed foods should be eliminated from your diet if you expect to make any progress at healing your teeth and your body.

    The absolute best diet would be to only eat fish, where you would eat mostly the heads (the brain, eyes, tongue, cheeks of fish contain unrivaled super nutrients) and the organs… and wadge the rest (suck all the fat and nutrients, spit out the protein).

  15. Hi, Merrilyn.
    Your post has inspired me and gave me hope that the situation is salvageable. I accidentally eroded my tooth enamel by using soap that hadn’t been cured properly.
    Unfortunately, while I was using it I didn’t feel any stinging sensation or anything. The lightning in the bathroom actually made my teeth look whiter after using it and I kept on brushing. It was three days later that after seeing my teeth in broad daylight I was shocked. My teeth became yellow and horribly shiny (the dentin exposed). All my life I’ve been commented on how great I smile I had and now I feel like I’ve been umputated.
    For two weeks I am on strict alkaline diet (only vegies pureed or juiced taken with a straw, 6 litres of alkaline water and almond milk) and supplement myself with Dr. Gerald Judd’s protocol -calcium carbonate, vitamin C Monosodium Phosphate, vitamin D-not in the dosages he prescribes but roughly half of it and Vitamin C and Monosodium Phosphate dilluted even further than he suggests because they are strong acids and taken with a straw.
    How long do you think it will take me to see a marked imrovement. I am determined to follow it strictly.

  16. Dear Chrysa – Thanks so much for your comment and the extra information you have provided. I have no experience with Monosodium Phosphate, so I cannot guess how this wll affect the growth of your tooth enamel. However, I think that the programme sounds pretty good.
    I do know that teeth take at least six months to repair themselves, given that the diet is truly nourishing and devoid of harmful stuff to the teeth. People who have cured themselves of cancer have regrown their teeth after following alkaline diets with other specifics, like cleansing with enemas, castor oil, etc. They have taken around 9 months to a year to get well from cancer, by which time they discovered that their teeth had also benefited.
    Good luck – Perseverance is the answer – Great that you found a specialist in the field to advise you about an alternative method to regrow tooth enamel.
    Regards, Merrilyn

  17. Thanks Charles for that added information. These are great comments which will help all those people considering regrowing tooth enamel through improving their diet.
    Regards, Merrilyn

  18. I am 22 years old.My front upper teeth (dentists technically calls it as one one and two one) both got broken. i made composite bonding. Is there any possibilities of regrowing the teeth. I am from Chennai, India. If there are any possibilities through diet, then please give me the diet which is available in Chennai.

  19. This is very confusing,with the gerson therapy they say to avoid eating protein,animal products and all fats except flaxseed oil.
    So much information,but who is right?

  20. Hi Peter – thanks for your comment. The Gerson therapy diet was designed specifically for people who had cancer, but Gerson recommended it for other degenerative disease as well. It is not really a matter of who is right, as there are many different natural approaches to healing cancer and diseases such as arthritis. In using these particular diets, some people have regrown their teeth as well: The message is that diet really does affect your teeth. It has been proved that tooth enamel does regenerate if the conditions are right. Again – there are several different diets which might achieve the same result.
    You should work with an experienced naturapath, or homeopath, or macrobiotic professional if you have a specific life-threatening condition. This is a good idea if you wish to change your diet so that your general health, and your teeth, improve.
    Most natural diets for treating diseases such as cancer usually avoid protein for a certain time, to help the body clear out toxins and reverse the cancer. Flesh and dairy foods are usually avoided, although there is an Ayurvedic diet which I have read about which does use fresh, unpasteurized, organic milk which was made into yoghurt. We did not cut out protein when I treated my son for eczema – We used plenty of protein of all kinds, but eliminated milk, dairy foods, wheat, bread and sugar completely. A little butter was used, and lots of olive oil. After 9 months, my young son’s second tooth had healed itself of a small hole, though we were not actually aiming for that outcome at the time. This diet was for eczema.
    The macrobiotic approach has cured people of cancer, and my guess is that it could also work for improving tooth enamel, although I have not used this one for any length of time: This diet does not use raw foods at all.
    I experimented with the diet of Gerson’s and the ideas of Walter Last. Their approaches are similar: first detoxifying for several weeks on massive amounts of raw, freshly made juices, and all raw foods. Then I introduced Gerson’s idea of cooked porridge for breakfast, with dates for sweetening, and a little butter or olive oil, which Walter Last recommended. No sugar, or dairy foods, or wheat in any form was used. After the initial cleansing, I used two raw egg yolks in the daily diet, as Walter recommended, but still did not have dairy or meat or flour or sugar for many months. Any raw food was OK. Cooked greens were added after several months. I took castor oil every second morning, as Gerson recommended.
    Walter was pretty keen on the castor oil treatment too, especially in the form of a pack which was put over the site of the problem. The breast lump I had disappeared after three months of this regime.
    But if you do not have cancer, or another life-threatening disease, then you would not follow such a radical diet or regime such as this.
    Hope this helps. Regards, Merrilyn

  21. Wow I love your blog! more fabulous information. But still the foods above will cause cavities, the nuts and seeds are high in phytic acid. Fruit alone spikes your blood sugar and should be stayed away from if you are trying to heal cavities.

  22. Somethings still dont make sense about this diet,some say to avoid meats and high protein foods,others say they are indispensable for teeth regeneration.
    Idk what to believe.

  23. People who live on wheat grass juice and other raw fruits and vegetables and their juices usually take copious amounts of these things in a day: This is why they can survive with very little protein, if any at all. These sorts of diets have worked well in treating people for cancer, although not everyone who has attempted such a diet for cancer has lived to tell the tale.
    People need to research these methods before beginning such a diet – they also need professional advice. People have also grown tooth enamel by using plenty of protein foods, and at the same time, avoiding wheat, gluten, sugar, yeast and dairy. Others who have written in say that dairy foods have been OK. There is no hard and fast rule, as there are many different natural methods for curing disease and rejuvenating the body.
    Regards, Merrilyn

  24. Hello Sam – I take it that you are talking about Jacqui Davison’s recovery from cancer? Yes – she used liver juice to supplement her mainly raw foods diet. I think she fasted initially on raw vegetable and fruit juices, and introduced this later, but cannot be sure at what stage. Dr Gerson and Walter Last, famous healers who used natural means to heal illness, both recommended the liver juice. Walter Last’s method was to steam the chopped up liver gently, in a jar which has water covering the liver. This jar is put into a saucepan which has boiling water in it – enough to come half-way up the jar from the outside, with a folded tea towel in the bottom of the pan to prevent the jar from cracking. The liver is steamed for a couple of hours, very gently. You strain off the liquid and discard the meat – you sip only a teaspoon or two at a time, throughout the day. The calves liver juice supplemented iron, digestive enzymes, and many vitamins, notably Vitamin B 12 and B 6 which can be deficient in people who use only raw food diets without supplementation. I have a method for making this calf liver juice amongst my posts here somewhere. I think it is entitled ‘Calf Liver Juice’.
    Regards, Merrilyn

  25. Hello Merrilyn,

    i went to a dentist around feb-mar or this year. It was a free “consoltaion” and he just basically looked around inside my mouth, scraped and poked some of the back teeth but i felt no pain. Though i know the brownish/yellowish parts he was trying to see were cavities or not. i came in mainly for complaints about my front teeth, but he said i had a good set of teeth and i was lucky he guessed to be born that way. Also i havent been to the dentist since aroun 2002-2003.


  26. Hello Merrilyn,

    i went to a dentist around feb-mar or this year. It was a free “consoltaion” and he just basically looked around inside my mouth, scraped and poked some of the back teeth but i felt no pain. Though i know the brownish/yellowish parts he was trying to see were cavities or not. i came in mainly for complaints about my front teeth, but he said i had a good set of teeth and i was lucky he guessed to be born that way. Also i havent been to the dentist since aroun 2002-2003.

    My question is this:

    this diet is for cancer patients correct? What about someone like me who is healthy. Actually i am very healthy, i exercise 4-6 days a week, eat pretty well (i try not to eat meat and i eat lots of fruit and veg and try to stay away from bread and use a mix of beans and rice and frozen veg for main meals), and i also take supplements (centrum multivitamins, biosil, and calcium/magnesium/zinc mixed vitamin) I want to regrow some lost enamel, mostly on my front teeth because the fron two are starting to turn translucient. Not bad, i can see it happeneing on everyones teeth just like it looks on mine but mine is more aggressive. Prob from drinking soda for years. Can i regrow enamel for that purpose or will my body just regrow enamel to fill in holes left by cavities? I am assuming i can follow my current diet, but add no dairy. wheat, or sugar like You and your son did. Also add the carrots and celery too.

    Should this work or am i just wasting my time trying to regrow that kind of enamel?


  27. One more thing, i switched my toothpaste to glycerin free toothsoap a few weeks ago after i read that it would be harder if not impossible to regrow tooth enamel while the protective layer of glycerin is over your teeth from regular tooth pastes’

  28. Hi Mike – Thanks for your comment. First of all – My son’s front tooth healed itself when he was a lad. Unfortunately for me, though, I had already had all my teeth PULLED OUT about ten years prior to this event. If I had known how healing could be achieved through diet and purifying foods, vitamins, minerals, and avoiding those harmful things which we all know about, then i would have kept those teeth for sure.
    I really cannot advise you on whether you will be successful in repairing your teeth by following such a diet as Jacquie Davison did – i am not a dentist, and nor have I recovered my own tooth enamel. Also, there are many variables which could affect the success of such a diet, such as the volume of vegetable juices you were taking, whether these things were organic, how old you are, what sort of stress you were under, whether you could devote yourself full-time to recovery as jacqui did, and such-like. I would suggest that you go to see one of the naturopathic dentists who use therapeutic compounds on the teeth to help the enamel regrow. you could look online – There are some specialists who advertise the natural regeneration of tooth enamel through their therapeutics. You would be an ideal candidate for this sort of treatment, because your diet is already good and devoid of the foods which cause harm to the teeth. Have a look for the dentists in your area who might be able to help you with this kind of therapy.
    Hope this is of some help.
    Kind regards; Merrilyn

  29. “Masticating these seeds is very good for the teeth, as the fiber content is a natural cleaning abrasive.”

    Hi Merrilyn! Gotta ask about sesame seeds. Do you masticate soaked seeds or just dry ones?

  30. Hi Paula – “Either, or.”…. those seeds will provide good cleaning fibre for your teeth. Soaking is often recommended for seeds and nuts, as it makes them easier to chew up, and you are supposed to get more nutrients out of the seed if you soak it first. Not always possible to soak your seeds or your nuts or almonds first – you might be traveling, and munching as you go along in your car. If your teeth are good, you will manage those dry seeds anyway. Dry seeds are easier to grind to a powder if you are using a blender – at least in my blender, anyway.
    Regards, Merrilyn.

  31. Hi Merrilyn,

    First of all many thanks to you for your blog. It is so refreshing and encouraging.

    I am very optimistic about it and very sure about the fact that nothing is impossible, if you have will power and faith to carry out certain things. I have some fillings and want them,get out of my body. It happened,before I could know what I was going through. Without a second thought, I started concentrating on your prescribed diet plan. I have already given up Wheat,Sugar and Dairy products for more than a month now. Though I have not achieved the goal of following up the full prescribed diet, but have it to certain extent and hopefully,will able to manage it completely. I am taking few kinds of seeds in boiled and raw forms. As I am from India, I am opting for corn attas (We Indians make ROTI) for rotis.Is it ok ? As I have given up wheat, I am going for this as an alternate (I think it doesn’t contain gluten). Can you suggest any kind of books regarding this ? Please give me more of your valuable tips. I am taking milk straight from the milk man’s shed and neither it is processed nor pasteurized. Is it ok ? or should I stop this.

    Hope is life.

    Thanks and Regards

  32. Hello Partha – Thank you very much for your letter. Yes, faith is a great thing. Though, I have to say that I think you should see a professional nutritionist, such as an Ayurvedic specialist, who can advise you on your diet. Also, the traditional Indian diet is very healthy and has been used in itself, to cure people of serious illness. I only give what has worked for my family, and what others have written about, but these things may not work for everybody. People generally take what they want out of a dietary regime, and discard the rest: But those things which you omit to do might be the very things which are needed. Also, it is VERY easy to get deficiencies in certain vitamins and minerals, so you do need to see an experienced health practitioner to make sure that everything about your diet is good for you.
    So – see that Ayurvedic practitioner, who will also be able to give you some herbs and other treatments to help as well.
    Unless you have an allergy to milk, then milk straight from the cow-shed should be good, as long as the source is clean. I would ask “Has this farmer had his cows checked for TB?” There is always a small risk of TB in unpasteurized milk, which is why the practice of pasteurizing milk was begun. In New Zealand at the present time, TB would not be a worry for me, and I would happily drink unpasteurized milk if it came from a reliable source. However, I do not know about the situation in India: If TB is a problem there at all, then I would be wary of taking unpasteurized milk, unless I had my own cow which had been tested for TB. Just to be safe, I would use only pasteurized milk unless I was sure about the source.
    Unless you have an allergy to gluten, I would not worry too much about the Roti – There are different ways to make this, and different flours too, I think – but you have to be careful you do not starve yourself – If you were to give up Roti, then you should eat plentiful amounts of rice, to make up for it. I would not give up eating Roti if I were you – as long as 80% of the diet was vegetable, meat,nuts and seeds, beans and peas. Most Indian people who have been brought up on diets such as this, with Roti, dahl, and lovely vegetable and meat curries, have EXCELLENT and BEAUTIFUL teeth – so I would say that the traditional Indian diet is a great way to keep healthy, and to keep your teeth healthy as well. Also – you have to be practical – Jacqui Davison’s dietincluded HUGE volumes of fresh vegetable juices, which translates into many kilos of vegetables used in a day. For most people these days, this would be difficult to do: For a start, unless you are growing your own food, then vegetables can be very expensive. The other thing is that you need a good juicer to process all those vegetables, and this is another expense for people.
    I think a good balanced diet is best, such as the Indian one which includes dahl, Roti, and curried meats and plenty of vegetables. This kind of diet is the very best you can get. Just cutting out sugar and biscuits and cakes, and eating things like carrots, celery, nuts and seeds through the day, instead of those sugary treats, will go a long way to helping your teeth stay healthy.
    Best Regards, Merrilyn.

  33. 2 quick questions I haven’t seen anyone else ask. First, what kind of drinks can you drink if you are going on this diet to repair teeth? Second, what is the dosage of castor oil?

  34. Hi Brad – Good questions. First of all – I cannot give individual advice – you need to see a professional for advice. But to answer your questions: The best drinks would be carrot juice, wheat grass juice and other fresh organic vegetable juices. Herbal teas would be good. These drinks were all used by Jacqui Davison and other people who have recovered serious illness. Sugary drinks and carbonated drinks, and alcohol, would not be good. Tea and coffee, especially with milk, are not good. I am only reporting what other people have found to be effective, including one instance where my young son repaired tooth enamel through diet, one case where a woman followed my advice to the letter, with castor oil every second day. This caused her gum disease to disappear: She was going to have to have an operation to remove the teeth and get them scraped, etc, and put back – very costly and, as it turns out, was not necessary at all, because she DID cure herself through diet and cleansing. I draw on the experiences of people such as Jacqui Davison, who followed the Gerson diet as much as possible, recovered from cancer, and regrew new tooth enamel and a head of good hair.
    Jacqui used 2 tablespoons of castor oil every second day, but this was taken to cure her of cancer, and was sustained for many months. She used fresh juices, I think, every hour, and these were made from organic vegetables. She used a huge quantity of juices, because she was not taking normal food, such as meats, or eating much cooked food for quite a while. One cooked item of Gerson’s was a large plate of porridge each morning, taken with a big raw grated apple. I used this myself, during a period of treating a breast lump. I added olive oil to the porridge.During this period, I took castor oil every second day as Gerson recommended, and continued this for around three months before reducing the dose.
    I suggest you read the book by Max Gerson, and also Jacqui’s book, to give you an idea of how the diet worked.
    My message is that, yes, diet can recover your tooth enamel, because people have done it. But to advocate certain methods and diets to people for the purpose of regrowing tooth enamel is an impossible and risky task: It is advisable to see a health practitioner about tackling a diet such as Jacqui’s, because it is very easy for people to get off on the wrong track, and become deficient in certain nutrients. This must be avoided, so I cannot give personal advice to anyone.
    Might be worth reading Parma’s letter and my reply – Because macrobiotic diets have worked also to cure people of disease, as has Ayurvedic medicine, and traditional Indian food.
    the main thing is to avoid sugar, wheat bread, and dairy products, although some people swear by dairy products. Gerson did not use dairy products, and nor did Walter Last, who cured many people in New Zealand of terminal illnesses.
    The same diets which reverse disease such as cancer, will help you to regrow tooth enamel.
    Unless you are under the guidance of a naturopath or similar, then I would not take castor oil every second day – Once a week would be reasonable for most people unless they are following the Gerson diet or something similar, which involves drinking copious amounts of vegetable and wheatgrass juices.
    Thanks for your question – Hope this helps.
    Regards, Merrilyn.

  35. Dear Merrilyn,

    I have never heard of commeal bread. I am a Russian woman living in the U.K and I am very keen on bread. My husband bakes his own bread of different wholemeal flowers including wheat but doesn’t use any sugar. Can I eat this bread while in other respect stick to your diet?

    Thank you.


  36. Dear Elena – Wonder if there was a mis-spelling in one of my articles? the bread is cornmeal – I corrected your comment to read ‘cornmeal’ instead of ‘conneal’. I would say that your husband’s bread sounds great. If you do not have to follow a gluten free diet, well and good. There are many different diets which have proved to be beneficial for tooth growth – I did not use wheat at all, because we were sensitive to wheat, and so I used cornmeal bread instead. I will put up a recipe right away which your husband might like to try.
    I think the main thing is to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables – especially raw celery and carrots to finish a meal with. These keep the mouth alkaline and clean the teeth beautifully. Celery has natural antiseptics in it, and these help to kill off bacteria in the mouth. Eating macrobiotic foods, or traditional Indian food, or this Western approach favoured by Gerson and others, are all good ways to improve the health of the teeth, as long as the accent is on alkaline foods. Bread is acid forming, so you shouldn’t eat too much of it. But a piece of nice homemade bread with salad and protein of some sort, finishing off with a stick of celery or some carrot, should be fine for maintaining the health of the teeth.
    Will put up that recipe within the hour.
    Regards, Merrilyn

  37. Oops… sorry, Merrilyn, surely I meant “commeal” bread …..

    Also I would appreciate your opinion on potatoes – if they are allowed on this diet.

    I am fed up with “drill and fill” dentistry to my back teeth. This diet looks like a real thing, I am going to give it a go.

    Many thanks and best regards,

  38. Hi Elena – Sorry, my computer jammed up – just got back on-line. We used potatoes – I found they were good, because my children did not have an allergic reaction to these – better than wheat in my opinion. Potatoes are not as acid-forming as wheat is. So – potatoes or rice or cornmeal bread formed the main carbohydrate dish, with big salad, and protein such as eggs, beef, chicken or fish. We did not go short on protein. But then Gerson did not use protein rich diet for his cancer people – instead, they had copious quantities of wheat grass juice and other vegetable juices, which would have supplied protein, and kept the blood alkaline, thus helping the teeth. Remember alfalfa sprouts – these are very alkaline and so are excellent for keeping the blood and saliva alkaline. And great for cleaning the teeth too. I would try to use alfalfa or mung bean sprouts every day – we did, when my children and I were on this diet.
    Good luck. It is a lot of work. I do not know any adults who have actually regrown their tooth enamel through these diets, but there are books written by people who have. My own experience of watching my young son’s tooth heal itself over 9 months, is proof enough to me that a diet such as ours can be helpful to the growth of the teeth. Diet just does affect tooth enamel.
    Another thing which Walter Last was keen on is prickly ash powder. You rub this on the fillings and sensitive areas of the mouth. This helps kill bacteria which eat away at the enamel. Walter said that it would help my teeth. Unfortunately, I was young and ignorant, and had my teeth pulled out at aged 27 before I gave his methods a chance.
    Edie May is another person who grew new tooth enamel through following a specific diet.
    Regards and good wishes,

  39. Hi Merrilyn!
    7 weeks ago, I got cheated into a veneer procedure, I had just 1 mm gap in my front teeth but the guy but veneers on front six teeth, didn’t tell the whole procedure until my teeth were shaved. I was so stupid not to look up any information online. i am 22 and want to get rid of the veneers. I suffered immense pain, and still my teeth hurt which I guess that the roots are still alive. Do you think is there any chances of my teeth regrowing the enamel and getting thick if I follow the diet described in your blog??

  40. Hi Dushyant, If the nerve is still in the tooth, then it is possible for the tooth enamel to regrow. But are you sure the nerves are still there, untouched? I thought veneers involved scraping out the nerve – ask your dentist about this. If the nerve is intact, then regrowth is possible. You have the advantage of being young, so your regrowth capacity should be strong. However, it is a long process to regrow the enamel, and it requires much effort. If you were to do everything which Jacqui Davison did to recover from her cancer, then you would most likely regrow new enamel. But it is actually difficult for most people to follow her programme to the letter. I used a modified diet for my children, which resulted in his tooth healing itself of a cavity in the second tooth. He was around 11 or 12 at the time.
    Even if you were to adopt the modified diet and approach which I talk about under ‘Foods To Help Regrow Tooth Enamel’, you might not have 100% success. However, I believe that with these specific foods, and leaving out harmful foods, and especially chemical additives of any kind, then your teeth should improve. If the nerves were still there, then you would expect the fillings or veneers to fall out of the tooth as the tooth enamel regrows again. I would advise you to see a naturopath or dental practitioner who believes in these dietary and cleansing measures to regrow enamel. There is also the option of finding a dentist who uses the mineral ‘cocktail’ to help tooth enamel regrow.
    Thanks for your comment. Hope this gives you something to go on.
    Regards, Merrilyn

  41. This is a great article for those able to adopt this lifestyle and diet. There is a simple over-the-counter method of healing teeth – using a specific sequence of mouth rinses that are inexpensive and not difficult to use. Products make with 100 percent xylitol ( birch sugar) are a necessary part of the program but together with the rinses WILL heal teeth and gums. I love and agree with this diet advice – but not everyone can do cleanses and stick to a diet. My Complete Mouth Care System is another ( very easy) option

  42. Hi Ellie – Correct – not many people are able to adopt these dietary measures. The point is that diet really does affect tooth regeneration. The teeth are a living part of the body, and there is much you can do to prevent tooth decay, as well as to heal cavities and gum disease, even if you do not manage to properly follow Jacqui Davison’s health plan, which reversed her cancer.
    I like the sound of your mineral treatment, although one should be cautious in case there are added chemicals such as preservatives, which could be harmful to the liver. Applying minerals to the teeth is something that anyone can do, although I still maintain that high fibre – greens and fruit – plenty of protein in whatever form – and eliminating the worst things for the teeth , that is: – no wheat flour (no bread), no dairy, no sugar and defrinitely no chemical additives such as preservatives colourings or flavourings. This basically means preparing your vegetable, fruit, protein and rice or corn meals fresh, with no processed food. Even without the stringent measures such as enema cleansing, which Jacqui did, teeth benefit from a programme such as this. I found this out for sure, as one of my children regrew the tooth enamel on a new front tooth whilst we were following a diet such as mine above, which I was using to counteract eczema which resulted from 245T-Dieldrin poisoning.
    If you find out anything more about the product you mention, then let us know. Many readers will be interested in the treatment you mention. Many people could benefit.

  43. Hi Nils – You need to see a nutritionist or a naturopath urgently, because I think you may be starving yourself. This is in reply to the email which you sent me which has not come up on my blog. Do not attempt to tackle any diet on your own. If you do not see a nutritionist or naturopath, or similar health professional, then you should discontinue with your diet and go back to eating the food you ate before.
    Reply to your earlier comment which appears on this blog: Thanks for your comment. I think the reply I gave to Ellie just before yours, would explain these things. Read her comment too, about the minerals which some chemists apparently sell (in America? – I don’t think we have these things available to us here in New Zealand yet) The ideal thing, I believe, would be to use these liquid minerals, as well as using a diet such as the one I described briefly in my reply to Ellie. That is assuming that there is nothing harmful in these bought mineral preparations. People should check to make sure that there is nothing harmful in them – I would be suspicious of a product which had strange sounding chemicals in it. Strange chemicals often cause cancer and other disease.
    Regards, and thanks,

  44. Hi Nils – Great to get your comment on regrowing teeth. But my advice is for you is to see a naturopath for guidance on a diet – don’t want you getting the wrong idea and starving yourself. I received an email from you after writing this reply which alarmed me – you are not eating any protein by the sounds of it – or rice – and are not eating enough food full stop. The way to regrow and protect tooth enamel is simple really. But you need to eat plenty of the right foods for the enamel to grow. Basically, you eliminate the bad things and eat large salads, with plenty of protein and rice or cornmeal. But you certainly do not starve yourself.
    Good for people to hear that you heard these stories of tooth regrow from America so that people don’t think I just invented this idea. Jacqui Davison’s book was one I read years ago. She is American, and people were interested in her cancer recovery through diet and detoxification – so the regrowth of teeth idea was promoted through her book, because she experienced this. But yes – I did have one tooth heal itself on one of my children – same as Jacqui really, because I was treating eczema and found the foods which caused the trouble – left the problem foods out – and the tooth healed after 9 months of following my diet. NOTE THAT WE ATE PLENTY OF FOOD, AND A GOOD VARIETY OF IT.
    But it is difficult for some people to follow, as Ellie above mentions. I would look into those minerals which she recommends. If you can find them, these would be very good so long as they do not contain any foreign and toxic chemicals. Menawhile, try to do the simple diet of eating rice instead of any wheat or bread – Basically follow a gluten free diet, but as well, do not use ANY SUGAR – NO DAIRY – NO foods which have food additives of any kind. No processed food. Just protein – meat, nuts, fish, seeds, avocado, coconut – plenty of green vegetables cooked and raw – fruit – – rice, cornmeal and any other gluten free grains. You do not take so much of the rice or grain, but take more vegetables, fruit and protein instead. And always finish a meal with either a raw carrot or a raw stick of celery. This is what my children had after each meal – we would sometimes have desserts using dates or similar for sweetening, but we always had that celery or carrot to clean their teeth. This cleans the teeth but also makes the mouth very alkaline, which helps to keep bacteria at bay.
    It is quite a simple diet really, and you can eat as much of any of these foods as you like. I found that I never put on weight whilst following this diet, no matter how much I ate.
    Hope this helps. It should help if not cure the problem – my son was young when he was on this diet – Young people are still growing and so have a strong capacity for regrowth of teeth. When you get older this power for the body to heal itself becomes weaker. So older people may not have the same success that we did with just the modified diet of mine – Jacqui’s diet was very hard to do, with wheat grass juice freshly pressed almost every hour, and other vegetable juices taken on the hour throughout the day. She also used enemas and castor oil every second day to clean out toxic waste from her liver and intestines.
    Thanks for your comment.
    Regards, Merrilynn.

  45. Hi Nils – Better stop that diet and eat what you were eating before. If what you say you are eating is your diet for the day, then you are not eating enough. You will get sick if you continue, and your teeth will all fall out instead of healing themselves. So – Go to see a naturopath for help and some dietary advice..
    Regards, Merrilyn.

  46. I am convinced more and more each day that diet has a HUGE effect on teeth. You need a mineral balance but also adequate protein ( should be your ideal weight converted into grams of protein consumed each day). Parotid saliva ( the liquid that comes from the gland in your cheek) appears to control the flow of liquids in and out of teeth in some – still unknown- way. Inadequate protein appears to mess this up and allow minerals to dissolve OUT of teeth instead of going INTO teeth.
    Hormonal changes – drop in estrogen for example – will change the make-up of parotid saliva. We ladies need to pay attention to diet and mouth acidity!

  47. Thankyou Doctor Ellie. More good info given in your comment in response to ‘Diet to Help Regrow Tooth Enamel’. Yes – adequate protein is essential, as well as an alkaline diet, with plenty of raw, organic, alkaline roughage such as celery, or raw carrot, to clean the teeth.
    As you point out – we ladies need to be more careful than the guys, it would seem – and child-bearing, of course, can also deplete the teeth of vital minerals if the diet is inadequate in these. I think that alcohol and smoking – and other drugs, including prescription drugs – are very harmful to tooth enamel. Other harmful things are the colourants, preservatives, and artificial flavourings which are put into many foods. The diet which I used, similar to Jacqui Davison’s, Walter Last’s, and others, avoids all these harmful chemicals. These diets which avoid all chemicals have been found to restore the tooth enamel.
    If at all possible, we should make all our food from scratch, at home. Better still to grow your own, unless you are unfortunate enough to live in a radiation-affected part of Japan. Artificial fertilizers and toxic pesticides and herbicides will also affect the strength of the tooth enamel. Using these bad and harmful chemicals is bad for the teeth, as well as for the heart, liver, kidneys, nervous system, and brain. Which is why it is best to buy organic food if you can – or, again – grow your own.
    Thanks again for continuing the debate on care of the teeth. Regards, Merrilyn.

  48. My gums have receided a bit an I have worn teeth from grinding them over the years. My teeth are thin. I will try the diet and see what happens.

    I am worried that all my fillings may fall out though!

  49. Best advice: Visit a naturopath or Ayurvedic practitioner for advice on your diet, to make sure that your diet is working optimally, for the benefit of your health.
    Powdered prickly ash bark was recommended to me by Walter Last for receding gums. You massage it into the gums every day, after cleaning the teeth (he recommended a little baking soda and water). And taking slippery elm powder daily was another specific of Walter’s for helping general health, and the condition of the gums. Keeping the diet as alkaline as possible is always the best thing, with plenty of salads, raw celery, and good quality protein of various kinds. Main thing, we found, was leaving out all wheat bread, sugar and processed dairy milk, although we did use unpastuerized fresh goat’s milk whenever it was available.
    Regards, Merrilyn.

  50. hi
    i wanna how i should i clean my sensitive to heip the reminerization process preventing further enamel loss.

  51. hi
    how should i clean my sensitive teeth to reminerize?
    thanks ,there is a lot of hope.i found out that there are many victims of dental industry including toothpaste including myself.

  52. Hi Anthea,
    In answer to your question on Herbal Tooth Powders for cleaning the teeth.
    Abrasive toothpastes are best avoided – even those toothpastes which claim to help the pain of sensitive teeth are not necessarily going to be helpful as far as protecting the enamel goes.
    There are some good herbal powders which you can make to clean your teeth. One such herb is the Birch tree. The leaves and bark can be ground to make a tooth powder which can be used to clean the teeth. This herb is very good, as it contains natural fluoride and other minerals such as silica, calcium, phosphorous, potassium, iron, copper and magnesium. The leaves when dried and made into a powder, will not be as abrasive on the teeth as most toothpastes.

    Prickly ash is another good herb which can be used for cleaning the teeth. The leaves and bark can be dried and crushed in a similar way to the Birch tree leaves and bark.
    Dried powdered sage leaves can also be used to clean the teeth. Sage also contains lots of beneficial minerals and vitamins which help to maintain the tooth enamel, as well as antiseptic properties which help to kill those nasty bacteria in the teeth and gums.
    Best Regards,

  53. wow
    the answer is quite long .i appreciate your kindness.i live in Myanmar or Burmese.i am not sure i will have these leaves .i will search for it.thanks

  54. thanks u for your long advice. i have wrote that a few minutes ago .but i am not sure it reaches u because of the computer problem.i live in Myanmar or Burma .so i am not sure i will fine these lesves .i will try my best

  55. Hi again Anthea – So you live in Burma, Myanmar – Wow – your Aung San Suu Kyi is in the BBC News a lot. The BBC News is shown to us in New Zealand overnight, which is when I get to see it. What a courageous and admirable lady Aung San Suu Kyi is.
    If you cannot find the tree leaves I mention for the teeth, there should be other substitutes which you could use. Anything which is used in food, such as dried sage, and some trees such as Birch and Prickly Ash, are safe to use. But there will be local plants which you could use instead.

    Sage is a common herb which should grow in Myanmar. Locally grown things are always the best if you can get them. I will have to find out for sure, but I think the Neem tree grows in your part of the world. This is a powerful antiseptic which should be good for killing bacteria in the mouth, and for helping the tooth enamel to stay strong. You would rinse the mouth out well after using any of these herbal tooth cleansers.
    Dried and crushed walnut leaves would be another substitute.

    Edgar Cayce gives a recipe for using equal quantities of common salt and baking soda. He says to use the finger to massage this into the gums and around the teeth to prevent decay.
    Massaging the gums is a good thing to do, because this stimulates the blood to the gums and to the nerve supply for the teeth.
    Try and get the prickly ash – this is the favourite of many of the traditional herbalists.
    Hope this helps.
    Kind Regards,

  56. hi
    i searched on the dictionary for the herb u is really funny that i have never heard of the caster oil in english and later i found out that there are many caster around me.all the schools i have attend have the caster fields.we don’t dare to pick the leaves back then because it is the government project.of course we don’t have caster oil although we have many many big fields.i see the photo for the neem tree and it is very abundent in Myanmar.we eat neem leaves and it is very very bitter.

  57. i am sorry for the a seqence of short letter cause the internet connection is weak.i think we don’t have prickly tree here .i have never seen it and sage too.i don’t even found the burmese name in dictionary but only a description of it.i googled sage and i have not seen it here.Birch tree i am not sure i have seen it.

  58. i have very good teeth one month ago and i used colgate advanced strain removal for about one week .Then, there is crack and i am lossing my enamel and my teeth go sensitive.i am very regretful for that .i am 21 and a univesity student.
    We are very proud of our mother Su.And you have a very good heart and i am inspired by you to help others selflessly.if you ever planned to visit Myanmar, let me know.

  59. Hello Anthea – Nang Nang,
    Such a nice offer to visit you if I come to Myanmar. Thankyou. I hope I can visit you one day.
    I am sorry to hear that your teeth suffered because of using that colgate stain remover. Maybe trying to find the tincture of black walnut would be a good idea. This would help the enamel to recover.
    Yes – I am sure you are all very proud of your mother Su. Her story is so impressive. She has not let her time in jail daunt her, and she is still striving to improve things for her fellow men and women.

    Good that you have found the Neem tree. If you do not use the black walnut tincture, then the Neem tree leaves would be the next best thing, I think. This is excellent for the teeth, and should help the sensitivity you now have. You could dry off some leaves and powder them up. Then, when you have done this, you could mix some baking soda into your powder. Put a little onto your hand. Lick your finger, dip it into the neem and baking soda, and massage this on the teeth and into the gums. Do all around the mouth, then rinse off.

    Really nice to talk to you.
    Best Regards,

    Interesting that the castor oil plantations are a government project. That must be where our castor oil comes from. It does sometimes grow wild here, but it is not cultivated.
    Castor oil is a powerful detoxifier and a healer of the body. But you must not use the raw leaves or any part of the castor oil plant directly on the body or in the mouth. You have to get the oil out of it – It has to be processed commercially to do this. Castor oil when extrracted from the plant is not toxic, but the fresh or dried plant has poisonous compounds in it. Do not use castor oil plant for your teeth – I have never said to do this.

  60. To Nang Nang: I have explained that CASTOR OIL PLANT IS TOXIC and that you must ONLY use the oil which has been extracted. I have NEVER said to use fresh castor oil plant for the teeth.
    In my posts I talk about using castor OIL for various things, but I have not said to put castor oil on the teeth, and I have NOT told anyone to use the fresh plant.

    The oil taken from the castor oil plant is not toxic, but all parts of the raw castor oil plant are toxic. I have explained this in my posts and in the comment made only a few days ago to you. Tell your friends they must not use any of the castor oil plant fresh or raw.

    CASTOR PLANT HAS TO BE PROCESSED TO GET THE OIL OUT OF IT. THE OIL ALONE IS USED, AND THIS HAS TO BE TAKEN OUT OF THE PLANT BEFORE IT IS SAFE. But extracted castor oil is not toxic. Did you not read the comment fully? It is the most recent comment before this one. This is in reply to the email which you sent me which said a friend of yours had eaten castor oil beans and had to go to hospital. Castor oil plant is VEWRY POISONOUS.
    Regards, Merrilyn.

  61. Hello Nang Nang – Good luck for your exams. I hope you do well. Look forward to getting a comment from you after your exams.
    Best wishes,
    PS Glad to hear that your friend who tried castor oil berries 10 years ago did not get that advice from my posts. For the sake of readers, this girl ended up in hospital getting treated for poisoning. You must use commercially processed castor oil, and nothing from the fresh plant. It would be very bad if people thought that they should use leaves or fruit from the locally grown castor oil bushes, which are VERY poisonous. Thanks for letting me know.

  62. Vitamin K2 which is most abundant in grass fed raw butter or grass fed chickens eggs, or fat from grass fed beef. Cows eat grass which has K1 and they convert it to K2. Vitamin D3 takes the calcium out of your gut and into the bloodstream where the K2 unlocks the proteins that take it to your teeth and bones. If K2 is not present then the calcium will calcify or cause plaques in arteries, brain, joints, soft tissues etc. The fat soluable vitamins D,K,E,A all work together and are present in grass fed fat, as butter, fat, egg yolk. Gut bacteria also makes K2, so eat lots of fermented foods. Also gut bacteria makes up 80% of your immune system, so love them and make sure that they are the healthy kind. Your teeth and bones will love you!!

  63. Hi Sharon, Thanks for all your great info on vitamins to make your teeth and bones love you. Great comment. My friend Walter Last, who cured many people od cancer and other disease, through his dietary approach, included the use of two raw egg yolks per day. He also advocated the use of butter, which was the only dairy food he allowed in the diet which I followed. All wheat, dairy, sugar and yeast foods were ommitted from his diet. But moderate use of butter and olive oil, and some other oils, were allowed. Regards, Merrilyn.

  64. Hey Merrilyn,
    This really is great stuff.
    I am wondering that if i included wheat in my diet, will it make a huge difference, also is rice okay?

    Will teeth that has been drilled and filled still respond to the treatment.

    Desperate to fix my teeth


  65. Hello Parthas,
    About the diet to help tooth enamel – It is hard to regrow tooth enamel completely, but it has been done. Basically, the diet used to treat cancer is the one found to be helpful to the regrowing of tooth enamel.

    The teeth are in a constant process of rebuilding themselves, but when our nutrients are inadequate and diet is too acid-forming, with not enough alkaline greens and fruit, or inadequate protein silica and calcium, or we are exposed to chemicals which affect the calcium metabolism, then they start to decay. Some people have repaired their tooth enamel without trying to, because they were following very strict alkaline diets for the treatment of terminal cancer. Because they so wanted to live, they were desperate to follow their healing diets and detox programmes religiously, which is why they succeeded in repairing the tooth enamel.

    Jacqui Davison found that all the old fillings fell out while she was following her strict diet and detox regime promoted by Dr Max Gerson. These holes were healed up over time. After around a year of being on the diet, she suddenly discovered one day that she no longer had the holes. All the teeth which still had the nerve intact regrew themselves. But those which had been capped did not. As her fillings fell out during the year, she did not bother going to the dentist to have them redrilled, as she was putting all her energy into staying alive and becoming well. Not going to the dentist to get her holes refilled gave the teeth a chance to recover by themselves.

    So – about wheat. I don’t think wheat is recommended by Gerson, or Walter Last, or the other natural therapists who have treated cancer.
    I daresay that if you do not have an allergy to wheat or gluten, moderate amounts of whole-grain flour could be used. But personally, I would not recommend this. Cornmeal, millet, soy, pea flour, and the other gluten-free grains would be better. Rice is good, unless you have a specific allergy to rice. Most people are able to digest rice quite well.

    But in the beginning of your treatment, you should opt for a grain-free diet, dairy-free diet, sugar-free diet, with juices every hour, two or three salads a day, small amounts of cooked greens and perhaps a baked potato or kumara or two, and fish or sunflower seeds, or sesame and soy for protein.
    This is basically the diet which we followed for many years while my children were growing up. We found that this diet healed the hole in a new tooth of my eldest child. Like Jacqui Davision, we did not notice it healing itself until we had been on the diet for around 9 months to a year. Suddenly, the whole in the front tooth had gone.
    Hope this might be helpful. It worked for us.
    Kind Regards,

  66. Hey merrylin,
    I follow an indian diet, sugar is very minimal. I can’t do salads because my mum cooks rice every morning. I go to school obviously so I cant eat everytime. so what should I do.


  67. Hi Parthas,
    From my experience, I would say that Indian food is one of the most healthy cuisines in the world. You are very lucky to have your Mum cook for you.
    I wouldn’t worry about the salads. Many people have recovered from cancer using macrobiotic diets which use a lot of rice and cooked vegetables with NO raw vegetables.

    The Ayurvedic system has cured people of cancer also, and I think that these diets use rice, cooked vegetables, and not much raw food either.
    So don’t worry about doing any of the diets I mentioned at the moment.

    I think you should put all your energies into your school-work rather than working on a diet for your teeth. Don’t worry about changing your diet radically for the sake of your teeth. These diets for cancer have only worked for people when they followed their programmes religiously, and I think at your age, unless you have a terminal illness, then you should not attempt to do, say, the Gerson castor oil programme for cancer/teeth. It is exhausting.

    Also, the people who regrew tooth enamel gave up going to the dentist, cos they were putting all their efforts into their diets to recover from cancer. I would not like to recommend anyone to stop going to the dentist.
    In the case of the people with cancer, following their special diets and detox methods, NOT going to the dentist gave the teeth a chance to heal themselves before they were drilled again by the dentist. The fillings fell out, but Jacqui did not bother seeing a dentist, and the holes repaired themselves after a year of the programme.

    So – your Mum’s Indian food will be just great. A better plan of action, rather than changing anything, would be to take some extra-nutritious foods and herbs which might help strengthen the enamel on your teeth and prevent new holes occurring.

    Eat lots of sesame seeds. These contain oodles of calcium and other nutrients which are good for the teeth and the bones and hair. Sunflower seeds are good also. Chewing these is good because of their nutritional value, but also because they have a cleansing effect on the teeth, as well as supplying nutrients to the teeth topically during the process of chewing. Chewing these foods helps increase the saliva production, which is good for the digestion.

    If you can get it, use nemm tree leaves to clean your teeth. I think the Neem tree grows in abundance in India (do you live in India? Perhaps you are in New Zealand?)

    Mix equal quantities of dried neem and powdered neem tree leaves with baking soda, and use this to clean your teeth. You can make up a neem tree tea and use this as a mouthwash as well. Rinse the mouth out several times a day with neem tree tea.
    Neem Tree Mouthwash: Use 2 teaspoons of dried herb in a cup of boiling water. Let it cool to warm before using.
    Neem tree leaves are very antiseptic and are especially good for killing bacteria in the mouth.

    So – just neem tree leaves and baking soda for toothpaste, and mouthwash. And sesame seeds for calcium and other nutrients. If you want to, you could eat an apple or two a day, or a couple of raw carrots to complement your Mum’s lovely Indian food.
    Go well with those studies.
    Kind Regards,

  68. I know this discussion is focused on re-growing enamel but thought I would make a comment for those that are considering the dietary advice and have advanced dental issues including gingivitis.

    All the foods mentioned are great but if your dental problems are severe you need to avoid raw vegetables, nuts and seeds and fruit juices.

    Raw vegetables are hard and crunchy and offer too much resistance for a person with severe problems. Nuts and seeds have a way of sliding right up under your gum line and are pretty tough to remove and fruit juices are loaded with sugar as well as being acid.

    I just wanted to clarify in case someone who was trying to help their dental situation inadvertently made it worse. I have both severe gingivitis and cavities, etc and have zero dollars so can’t see a dentist for help. I’ve lived through 2 of my back teeth dying in my mouth and I don’t wish this experience on anyone. When you are in that much pain, you start getting desperate and trying anything and everything the could possibly help.

    Through trial and error, I have managed to slow and in some areas stop (though not repair) the degeneration through diet and a few natural treatments. As weird and unbelievable as it might sound, the treatment that made the most difference was oil pulling.

  69. Thankyou Jane for your comment regarding Diet To Help Regrow Tooth Enamel. Yes – it is true that raw foods may not be suitable for some people who have such severe problems as those you mention.

    In these cases, fresh vegetable juices such as carrot, celery, beetroot, and other nutritious juices could be taken instead of munching on the raw foods themselves. These juices are all alkaline in effect, and have are health-giving and healing foods, no matter what condition you are trying to treat or prevent. These vegetable foods also have the power to destroy the harmful bacteria which cause tooth decay and other disease.

    Protein foods such as meats, fish and chicken are all good, so long as the nutrient and enzyme-rich alkaline vegetable foods are taken as well, either in salad form, or blended into a smoothie, or in juice form. The protein content from animal foods is best kept to a smaller amount, with the bulk of the food coming from vegetables, fruits, and sprouted seeds.
    If your gum problems are severe, and the enamel is thin, then make sure you grind up those nuts and seeds, such as sunflower seeds and sesame seeds. These foods are very rich in calcium and other important minerals which help bone growth and the health of tooth enamel.
    The main thing in rebuilding the health of the teeth and gums, I believe, is to keep those problematic foods – wheat, dairy, and sugar – out of the diet as much as possible.
    Best Wishes, and thanks again,

  70. Hi Merrilyn,

    Despite all my “in desperation” research, it never occurred to me to drink vegetable juices. Sometimes the simplest things are missed. I will definitely be adding this to my diet and I’m pretty confident that they are going to make a difference.

    Thank you so very much.

  71. Hi Jane. Good luck with that. You might find it difficult to regrow that enamel if the teeth are in a bad way – the radical Gerson approach which uses castor oil, cleansing enemas, and the raw food and/or juices I think is the surest way. But this method is impossible for most people to adhere to for the length of time it has taken people to regrow the enamel – or to cure their terminal cancer.
    But taking plenty of vegetable juices and minced raw vegetables should help, especially if those problematic foods are avoided – sugar, wheat, and dairy foods, except for butter.
    Best Wishes,

  72. hi merrilyn, these diet can help the teeth that was crowned, these crown thing always bother me. my dentist fool me because she advised me to crown my teeth rather than filling. maybe she after for the money..I don’t know what to do every night I’m crying because of this mistake. I hope that you will help me to bring back my drilled teeth..more power and God bless!

  73. hi again merrilyn!j just want to add about my capped tooth that it is still have roots and dentin,could it be possible to regrow it by this diets badly want to remove this capped on my three front tooth as well in my molar bridged tooth.hope hear advice from you because I really can’t stand it anymore thanks and more power!

  74. Hi Darren. These things are always possible somehow, I believe. There are even some people around who believe that even if you have no teeth at all, that they can be regrown through Spiritual Healing, or regenerated through taking the required minerals and vitamins which cause teeth to grow.
    But going on the experience of Jacqui Davison and other people who have followed strict anti-cancer diets, I would say that it is good that your tooth root is still intact, but I think the recovery of the tooth will depend on how much of the nerve is still left inside the tooth.
    It is well worth the effort to put nourishing foods into your diet, and throw away all those foods which are devitalized, or which have chemicals such as preservatives in them. If you do this, then your other teeth will benefit, and it is just possible that your capped tooth may recover. It is interesting to note that people who regrew their tooth enamel did not go to the dentist, and so this lack of drilling gave the teeth a chance to regrow naturally. But I would never advise anyone not to go to the dentist.
    Try using milk of magnesia to brush the teeth. Read Brenda’s comment below: She knows someone who had success with healing a hole simply by regularly brushing the teeth with a magnesium mixture.
    These dietary measures should protect your capped tooth from deteriorating any more, and prevent more decay in the mouth. If you are very lucky, then some holes could even get healed, if you gave them a chance to heal over a six-nine month period. Then go to your dentist to get your teeth checked out.
    But about recovering all the enamel on that capped tooth? Very tricky, I would say.
    Kind Regards,

  75. Hi,
    Merrilyn u done a mervolus job. But there is a problem that i want to sort out with u. I am from India, 23 age, my height and weight is 5’9 ft and 60kg approx. I just done a RCT with my fifth teeth upper left jaw after it completes i asked my docter to perform a capping but he said no its okay because ‘he didn’t drilled deep in my teeth’ so its okay to leave it like that that time i convinced by him very easily, so drop the idea of capping. But after few monthsmy rct treated teeth is starting to create pain in jaw. so i asked him (docter), what is the problem right now , he said nothing my tooth is just losing its grip so i asked him to capping again but he said no its okay i just do something and he grab his drill start scratching my other teeth enamel. he scratch very little enamel from my teeths to fit my jaw so that other teeth dont interct with my treted tooth. thats a very stupid defination he gave me but now its all done i cant do anything i m going to perform a new rct and crowning from differnt docter but i want u to guide me a diet for my enamel regenrate so that i dont feel misrable. Carrots is ok but celery is not available in my states even if it is available i dont know the name of celeryl in india. please give me the alternative of celery and please i really need ur help.

  76. Hi Himanshu,
    So your dentist drilled off some good enamel to make the teeth fit together better? Must say, I do not like the sound of that kind of treatment. I am not a dentist, so I cannot offer dental advice: My best advice would be to see another dentist to see what could be done. But it is a fact that the food you eat affects your teeth, and that tooth enamel can be induced to grow with the application of minerals on the teeth. The idea is to make your diet as mineral-rich as possible, and as alkaline as possible, and keep all harmful things out of your diet, such as chemical preservatives and colourings, flavourings, etc, artificial sugar, real sugar, wheat flour, and maybe dairy foods, except for butter, which is a healthy and vitamin-rich food for the teeth.

    Remember to eat some raw alkaline-producing food after a meal, such as raw apple (or celery, which is not available where you live) or lettuce, or raw carrot, or some other crisp sort of vegetable or fruit which will clean the teeth. This is really important.

    The other things which can help the enamel to recover are prickly ash powder, or black walnut tincture, or magnesium. You would apply a little of these to the teeth each day, and massage with the finger. You could try milk of magnesia and use around a teaspoonful to brush the teeth with after every meal. Don’t swallow all this amount, though – spit it out as you would tooth-paste, otherwise you may find yourself running to the toilet too much.

    Another thing which could be helpful, but not to put on the teeth, is to take 1000mg each day of a non-acidic vitamin C, such as Ester C, or Calcium ascorbate. You would swallow this down with a glass of water. Any time during the day is OK to take the non-acidic vitamin C, but it may be useful to know that it helps you to get a good night’s sleep if you take it just before bed. Make sure it is washed away from the teeth with a glass of water.

    You could try taking the cell-salts, which are a homeopathic preparation, of Calc. fluoride, or Mag. phos. You could take both of these, one in the morning, and the other in the evening. Do for two weeks, then leave them for another week. Then take them again as before, for another two weeks. You could also try the cell-salt homeopathic, Silica, and take it on its own for a week or two. If you find these cell-salts do not agree with you in any way, then stop taking them. But generally, these are helpful for the teeth and the bones, and they should not cause any side-effects if you take them occasionally.
    This information might be helpful, but I think it would be best for you to visit an Ayurvedic practitioner, to get more specific dietary and herbal advice for your condition.
    Best Wishes,

  77. Hello Merrilyn,
    My son is only two and having weak anemal.I don’t know what is the reason. He eats mostly raw vegan food and I have been nursing him till recently. The dentist wants to put a siler on his tooth or filling in order to prevent cavitis ,but I’m trying tO prevent it. I took him to a chinise practitioner and he suggested some herbal teas . I’m not sure what to do. Should I let the dentist do some work on him? Should I give him these herbs? I am going to try your diet but want to ask if it can be made without the raw eggs and if cooked eggs is acceptable .could you please advice me what to do? Also want to mention that he is using MI paste to restore tooth enamal.

    Thank you, k

  78. Hi Himanshu – In my reply to you about preserving the teeth, I forgot to list the most important things to avoid. They are – chemical preservatives, colourings, flavourings, artificial sweeteners, and pesticides and herbicides. These things are all very bad for the tooth enamel, the bones, the brain, the nervous system, and the general health. Foods such as wheat products, especially white flour, and sugar, milk for most people if it comes from factory farms, are also best to avoid, but chemicals in our food and environment probably cause more damage than anything else.

  79. Hi Keren. Apologies for taking a little time to get back to you. I am sorry to hear that your son is not so well. Does he have anaemia? It would be good to see a naturopath or Ayurvedic practitioner for some help – someone who can monitor your progress. Anaemia can be a very serious condition, so you do not want to let it get any worse. See someone for dietary advice. The following are just ideas which you can discuss with your health practitioner.
    I couldn’t advise you on whether or not to do that dental work on your child. However, if it was my child, I would probably not do this, because the first teeth will make way for new ones soon, which might make such a procedure unnecessary, because of the stress to your child, and the expense. But for sure, the diet must be improved so that cavities do not start in the first teeth, and so that the new teeth will be strong and well-formed.
    Here are a few ideas you can ask your naturopath about:
    You probably need to up your vitamin C intake, both you and your child. Taking more salads and fruit is the best way, although a supplement could be used for a time as well.
    Do you use wheat bread at all? It is a common trap for vegans to over-do the wheat products to substitute meat. This can cause anaemia and other mineral deficiencies. Personally, I think that wheat bread is one of the most un-nutritious foods you can get. It is better to eat brown rice, cornmeal bread with eggs, and a range of other vegetables, pulses, and beans, instead of using bread.
    Raw egg yolk is very good for the anaemic condition, in conjunction with other foods – you could try putting this into a banana smoothie each day, and have some yourself, and give some to your child. If you breast-fed him, and he is now anaemic, then your diet too could be a bit deficient in iron. And maybe protein.
    Yes, cooked eggs are also good. The raw egg was suggested by Walter Last, and I found this to be very helpful. But you do not have to use it.
    I would strongly suggest forgetting the total vegetarian diet for the mean-time, until the anaemia is cured, and give him liver broth, or stews made with good mincemeat and vegetables each day. Eating meat, or using the raw egg yolk daily, or both, is probably the quickest way to recover from anaemia, and get the blood strong again. Dark green leafy vegetables should be eaten every day as well.
    Eat plenty of carrots, grated raw, and cooked.
    If you do not want to include any meat in your diets, then you really must at least use that egg yolk, or have cooked eggs a few times a week.
    Other iron-rich foods are soya beans and lentils, but you need to make sure that you eat some salad vegetable, or eat fruit after the lentils or soy beans, so that the iron is absorbed.
    Sesame seeds are an excellent source of protein, calcium, iron, magnesium, and other minerals. Grind up some and have on the table to add to porridge, or stewed fruits, or stews – anything, really. You can mix a few freshly ground almonds and sunflower seeds into the ground sesame, which will make a good quality protein and an iron-rich food. Other good foods:
    Plain old baked beans are rich in iron.
    Share a banana smoothie with an added egg in it with your son.
    Cornbread made with eggs
    Broad beans, green beans, peas, lentils, soy beans and all other beans – eat with something raw – a salad or fruit following the meal.
    I used to make cornbread with eggs, and use this instead of wheat bread. You can put cooked spinach or silver beet into the cornbread, which makes it an iron-rich dish. I have several recipes for cornbread which you might like to experiment with. Maybe add some cheese to the cornbread, unless you are sensitive to dairy products. The extra protein in the cornbread, in combination with the added silverbeet or spinach, could help him regain his health and restore the iron to his blood.
    Regards, and Best Wishes for your son’s speedy recovery,

  80. Thank you very much for your caring unswer.
    I’m going to follow you advices.
    Do you think it is ok to include dairy?

  81. Hi again Keren. Dairy is a curious one – Most anti-cancer regimes do not include dairy. But butter is usually OK.
    When my son grew the enamel in a hole in his new front tooth, we were not using dairy at all. We used soy milk instead. But some people maintain that if you can get organic milk, or milk from the home cow which is not factory produced, then it is OK. I think that seeing your son is anaemic, I would not exclude milk – it is not an iron-rich food, but being deprived of that protein may not be the best thing for him right now. I would try to use goat’s milk if it is available. Soy would be a second choice. And try to get organic milk if you can’t get the others.
    If it was my child, I would try to replace the dairy milk, for sure. But I think that because he is so young, that he needs milk. Most important is to give him celery or apple or carrot to chew after every meal. And use lots of calcium-magnesium-rich sesame seeds, with sunflower and almond mixed in.
    Try and make him some nettle tea each day, taken with a little honey. Nettles are supposed to be the very best herbal treatment for anaemia. They are rich in silica, too, which helps tooth formation, and the building of strong bones.
    I think that with a young child, it is best not to make them worry too much about food. Just try to supply the good things for him. Leave out all foods which have chemicals such as preservatives, colourings, and flavourings in them, and cut out sugar as much as possible.
    Quietly, you can be experimenting with that cornbread and mince stews, etc, but essentially you want to build him up without fuss. The important thing is for him to enjoy his food, and to eat enough of the good things so that his health is built up.
    Best Wishes to you,

  82. And congratulations on your feeding your baby yourself – Well done. This will give your baby a very good start in life and build a strong immune system. Nothing can beat breast-feeding a baby.

  83. Dear Merrrilyn,
    Thanks again for your Kind words . I was wondering how did you figure he was anemic (not any more). Is it commen to have teeth problems when one has anemia ?
    I have read the work of dr. Pierce (not sure about the spelling) but it didn’t make sense to me to feed him so much meat. Do you really think there is a connection between being vegetarian and teeth problems?
    Thank you so much for taking your time with me, Keren .

  84. Can you regrow teeth on a vegan diet? I ate a lot of processed foods and sugar as a kid and now I have a lot of metal fillings which I heard often put so much pressure on the tooth that they later require root canals. I do not want to have to kill my teeth in the future. Also my front teeth are translucent at the tips. If I had the money I would replace all my metal fillings but I don’t. Anyways, when I started eating vegan foods I noticed a lot of pressure in my teeth. They feel cleaner and look whiter from eating root veggies and more fiberous foods and I never eat sugar, besides fruit, so I started looking into remineralizing teeth and everything I find insists on the consumption of meat products which I am morally opposed to. Can my teeth get better without the meat and butter?

  85. I’ll try to be brief. I’m 48, female, decades of terrible eating habits. Teeth are lovely but always a little yellow (natural, I guess). Decades of coke drinking and undiagnosed BAD GERD have turned my teeth translucent except near the very receded gum line. They’re now getting REALLY yellow and tiny brown stains/decay? that I notice due to staring at my teeth.

    I’ve read your post and comments. I’ve tried to be close to paleo since March – with some dairy (I know) and some fruit. I’ve lost 65 lbs out of 110 I need to lose and I’m finally getting some exercise. I’m temporarily unemployed and the good veggies and fruit mostly go to my son and father. i can’t afford to eat a lot right now. It’s a struggle to get enough healthy food into my 10 year old son & 93 year old Dad.

    I’ve lost a good 30% of my hair, teeth getting worse, and a friend will get me 2-3 herbs for brushing & tea. If I can’t get enough veggies & fruit & seeds/nuts for the next couple of months, what is the bare minimum I should be striving for? I try to drink a cup of homemade bone broth a day (very gelatinous), will strive for 3 carrots & 2 celery sticks a day, 1 small apple a day, 1lb each of broccoli, Kale & spinach a WEEK. That’s more than I can afford, but my health needs it. I also will eat 1/2 lb liver a week (100% grassfed), 1 pastured egg yolk a day, and a little ground beef & chicken breast. The rest will be what I can afford. I already eat little sugar, no grains, a little cheese and Kerrygold butter from Trader aloes ($2.99!). I no longer eat any processed foods.

    Is there anything you can suggest that’s cheap that I should definitely stock up on? I need to nourish my body, but he money just isn’t there. I suspect I will need to try to make more bone broth. I will start birch leaf powder (glycerin impedes tooth remineralization) but if I’m not eating enough good stuff, that won’t be enough.

    Thank you for your thoughts

  86. Merrilyn,

    Is there any way out to get a tooth straigten naturally? Is there any instance where some one has straightened tooth or teeth through good diet? One of my lower front teeth has moved slightly forward – can it go back to the original position?>


  87. Hi Zoya. A good diet with plenty of raw carrots, celery, apples, etc, should help young people’s teeth to grow straight. The cell salts Calc.fluor, Silica, Mag.phos, are supposed to help grow healthy, straight teeth.
    However, I think the best thing to do, whether you are still growing or not, is to get a specialist dentist to make a special dental plate to straighten the teeth up. I know that this technique does work. You just need to find a reputable dentist or dental technician to do the job. The plate is discarded once the tooth has been encouraged into its correct position. As the tooth begins to straighten up, the plate might need to be adjusted once or twice over the course of about a year or so. Your dentist will know what to do.
    If it were me, I would get the dental plate. You need not worry too much about the toxins in the plastic – it is worn for such a relatively short time – just until the teeth are corrected – and then you don’t need to wear it anymore. My sister had this done when she was around 12. Her teeth have remained good and straight.
    Best Wishes,

  88. Zanthoxylum or Xanthoxylum fraxineum are the botanical names for prickly ash. In wikipedia I see that there are MANY Chinese names for related plants– so the plants might be more available than first thought?. I looked for these after reading your Burmese reader’s comments.
    Thank you for the very interesting information on raw foods, alkaline diet, etc. Amazing to see, what is good for the whole body is also good for the teeth. Of course!

  89. Very interesting article! I’ve got sensitive gums, drink a lot of coffee and tea and I do worry about teeth enamel to get damaged. I knew that certain food and drink can lead have your tooth enamel worn away,but I didn’t know that a particular alkaline diet could help repair the enamel. I’m gonna try this diet which I believe is really healthy anyway and keep using Pronamel toothpaste.

  90. Yes – the diet is a healthy one, and you have got the point – that diet does affect the teeth so profoundly – which is why it is really worth the effort to eat more of the foods which are beneficial for your general health, and which help the teeth stay strong.
    Thankyou for your comment.

  91. Is it really possible to regrow enamel on teeth ?? because even the dentists say the process is irreversible..If it really works, please tel me..I really want to try because my enamel formation itself is weak..said dentist

  92. Dentists will probably tell you that enamel cannot be regrown – but the fact is that tooth enamel is continually repairing itself throughout your life. If you provide an abundance of the appropriate nutrients, whilst avoiding all foods and chemical additives which harm the tooth enamel, it should be possible for a healthy person to regrow their tooth enamel. The younger you are the better. Jacqui Davison regrew her tooth enamel while she was following a rejuvenating diet with castor oil cleansing and enemas, which she was doing to cure herself of ‘incurable’ cancer. It worked to heal her cancer, and the bonus was that her teeth repaired themselves wherever the root was still intact.

  93. Hi, Marrilyn!

    I was wondering if you could give me some advice.
    I have suffered from bulimia for a couple of years and my teeth have suffered a lot: they shortened, they developed blueish parts because of the damaged enamel and they got very sensitive to anything cold, hot or acidic.
    Is there any way or enamel being rebuilt? I used to have really beautiful teeth 🙁

  94. Hello,

    Great article but I do have some concerns. Most of the information on the net regarding tooth restoration and diet comes from studies done by Dr. Weston Price. He also claims not to consume raw seeds, grains, or nuts (if you do to soak them for 24 hours) as they contain phytic acid and can cause more damage to your teeth.

    I noticed you recommended some seeds and nuts in your diet guideline so I was just curious as to your thoughts on this.

    More information regarding Dr. Price’s study can be found here:

    Thank you.

  95. Hi, very interesting this information. A question: This diet to regrow teeth, could be valid for teeht eroded cause of bruxism?
    Thank you very much.

  96. Sorry. I have not heard of this condition. However, most conditions of ill health will usually begin to improve when good dietary practices and cleansing procedures are adopted. Can’t promise anything though.
    Best Wishes,

  97. Yes i heard of a women who regrew her teeth back with mung bean sprouts and lots of vitamin D and vitamin A. I’ve had some Mung bean sprouts lately and it seems to make my eyebrows thicker, which i don’t enjoy.

  98. Can a tooth with fillings regrow? I’m already on a gluten free diet and drink lots of carrot juice. I do not eat processed foods, sugar and milk.

  99. Hi Kenan. Can’t promise anything, but these diets can have remarkable results if they are continued over a long period of time. Jacqui Davison regrew even the holes where she had had fillings. But she had left her teeth unattended, which may have given them a chance to heal. It took her around a year to recover from cancer, by which time she noticed that the teeth, where the nerves had not been removed, were all healed.

  100. Just came here to comment that this claim is true. It worked for me. I have been having two shakes of raw fruits and greens for the past week as part of my regular diet since buying my nutribullet blender. The crack in one of my top right molars has virtually gone. I rub my tongue across the tooth and I can no longer feel the crack it is now a smooth surface. Amazing!

  101. Well – you would have to be a living miracle. People who have written about tooth regeneration say that it has taken them around 9 months to a year for a tooth to repair itself.
    All the best.

  102. Ha ha! Maybe I am a living miracle. Well it was a crack across the tooth and not a chip. Perhaps the others took longer because their tooth damage was more severe or they initially had a very toxic diet. But yes I am surprised by the quick result as I am alkalizing my diet for other health reasons rather than to regrow enamel.

  103. That’s fantastic. These alkaline diets really do wonders for the health, one way or another. People who have cured their cancers through diet and cleansing have reported remarkable side-effects, like regrowing hair back to its natural colour, and, of course, that the teeth have also healed themselves.
    Thanks for your feed-back. Much appreciated.

  104. How about goat milk and goat cheese? I was told that we could drink goat milk instead of cow milk?

  105. It all depends…..People who follow the Dr Gerson diet, to treat cancer and other disease, take 2 tablespoons of castor oil every second day. They might keep this up until the cancer or other degenerative disease is eradicated.
    But if you simply want to cleanse the body to maintain good health and help avoid cancer, you might take a couple of tablespoonsful of castor oil once a week or two.
    If you have a serious disease, then you need to be under the guidance of a good health practitioner – someone who can keep an eye on your progress. He or she may or may not include castor oil in your treatment, but I personally recommend it after first reading Dr Gerson’s literature on the subject, and in using it myself to eradicate a breast lump.

  106. This is great, I am excited. But oatmeal is not really good for teeth, it contains more phytic acid then bread. And perhaps the residue in the body is alkaline, it is acid in the mouth nonetheless. But great stuff. I need to regrow my outer layer of enamel since my yellowish layer underneath show, and I have receding gums and some calculus.

  107. Dear Merrylin,

    I have four front teeth crowned. They were not much decayed, but I was an innocent victim of invasive and wrong dentistry. I have started lot of the protocols mentioned above. Do I have a hope of regrowing my teeth beneath crowns / caps ? Do you suggest anything special?

    Many thanks

  108. Dear Shubha,
    Thankyou for your letter.
    Unfortunately, when crowns are done, it usually means that the nerve of the tooth has been removed. The dietary treatment does nothing towards growing tooth enamel when the nerve has gone.
    But it is still worth keeping up a good diet and doing occasional detox routines in order to preserve your other teeth.
    Being careful with your diet, doing detox such as castor oil and one-day fasts occasionally, plus taking plenty of non-acidic vitamin c, should help prevent those crowns from becoming infected – Infection is often a problem with crowned teeth.
    But don’t despair – it is still very worthwhile doing your best to maintain the health of your other teeth.
    As you get older, you may eventually lose those crowned teeth, but I believe it is always best to keep what original teeth you have, rather than get dentures.
    I rue the day when I had all my teeth out after a crown became infected. I was young, in my mid 20’s, and I did not believe Walter Last who told me my teeth would improve with the diet and detox measures.
    So all I can do now is encourage other people to keep their teeth and avoid crowns if they can.
    Best Wishes,

  109. Hello, I have a question. I had braces twice because I lost my retainer. The second orthodontist severely scratched my teeth when removing the braces. I’ve had them polished since then by a dentist but there are still scratches that remain. it’s always bothered me. will this diet repair the scratches on the front surface of the teeth. thanks.

    also, does this diet help with receding gumline (due to grinding) or shortened roots (due to having braces twice)

  110. Hello.
    Yes, the diet should be helpful in repairing scratches on the teeth. It will take a while, maybe 6-9 months, but it can be done.
    Eat lots of ground sesame seeds and almonds in your diet, lots of carrot juices and greens, especially sprouted mung beans.
    As well, I would paint on black walnut tincture, or rub prickly ash into the gums and teeth once or twice a day.
    Eat raw celery or carrot after every meal.
    Prickly ash is very good for the gums. It will help to prevent gum infections.

  111. I believe the crown with the nerve removed is a root canal. I’m sure regular crowns do not remove the nerve.

  112. Dear Merrilyn

    I am from India. My two year old son’s 2-3 front teeth have a yellow coloring. Took him to the dentist and he said that the enamel has gone and he needs to fluoride treatment for all teeth. What should I do? I have started giving him carrots and celery.. some almonds and walnuts.. he doesn’t eat chocolates nor drinks juices except for fresh fruit. He has now started allowing us to brush his teeth. but i am worried that if i dont do what the doctor says then he may end up getting cavities. The dentist did mention that nothing can be done once the enamel has gone and the fluoride is a prevention thing but no guarantees there. Can you please advise. Thank you very much for your article and advice. God bless you

  113. Hi Merrilyn,
    I have read with great interest both this and other of your posts/ articles, as well as your book mentioned above. I also know about the Gerson therapy and am determined to use a combination of the wealth of information provided here and in the Gerson’s books and videos, to support my overall health and to also strengthen my teeth. I have no life-threatening illness but do have symptoms of overall imbalances, and really wish to take responsibility for my health and well-being and treating myself and others with respect and love – to me, that includes nourishing my body well!
    I am under the care of an MD for hypothyroidism and my husband is an ayurvedc practitioner as well as an aspiring nutritionist and Yoga teacher, and he has several friends who are well experienced in alternative health practices, and whom we can ask for support and input as well.

    I would like to ask you a few things though, to which I have not found any conclusive answers yet:
    Firstly, did you yourself include fruits in your daily diet? I know many say it may be best to avoid most fruits, but on the other hand there are many people who mostly ear raw fruits and vegetables, and thrive. My body seems to love certain fruits a lot, like berries, apples, aprikots and it certainly would not be easy for me to give up fruit completely – what are your thoughts on this topic?

    Secondly, I would love to know how you make your salad dressings. I understand that especially initially, it may be important to avoid vinegar and fermented foods. So, apart from olive oil, can lemon juice be used?

    Thank you so much, I really appreciate all the wonderful information provided :-).


  114. Hi Mona,
    There are many different approaches on the subject of attaining and keeping good health. Different constitutions and circumstances need to be considered.
    My family used fruit quite freely for many years, in combination with a milk-free, wheat-free sugar-free diet. We all had excellent health during this time.
    But then, after becoming chronically ill several years later with asbestos and heavy metal poisoning, which occured after clearing a section of burnt debris including an asbestos roof, I could not stomach any fruit at all for a long time.
    If candida is a serious problem, then it is best to leave fruits alone until you have beaten the candida.
    My advice is to see a good, qualified naturopath or homeopath who can assess your individual needs, and then follow their recommendations.
    Kind Regards,

  115. There isn’t’ anyway to regrow tooth enamel. I have been in dental for 20 years. You only get the enamel you are born with. If a child does not get the proper amount of calcium in the womb and from age 0-3 their enamel will not form properly. Hence they need breast milk, calcium and phosphorous sources from animals. Fluoride is the only thing that hardens enamel madam. No amount of herbs or taking minerals will regrow any part of a tooth.

  116. Sorry – I disagree – if our teeth were not nourished thoughout our life, then they would be all worn away within a few years of getting them. Even metals wear out if they are continually abrased.

  117. Hi Merrilyn,

    I want to try and grow back some of my front tooth and enamel – it is a small crack that I got filled in with a small filling but wonder if it is better to get it removed before I start. I had it filled it as was making my tongue sore by rubbing on it but the resin in the filling is constantly filling my mouth and affecting what I eat. There is no decay in the tooth just a couple of small chips and am looking at supplements also to help me with this. The crack is at the side near the gum and is not filled in at that point and I have been touching it with black walnut tincture also. I have also looked at Dani Katz and Nancy Gurish also about their successes. I have good health all round but this issue is dominating my life and not sure what to do about it. I know if you take a filling out it can weaken the tooth but I am not sure whether to leave it in and see if it will fall out in time with regeneration. I know that your son had a front tooth cured but he was still young and did not have adult/finalized teeth at the time.

    Please advise.

    Many thanks


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