Cancer Doctor Eva Hill’s Eleven Day Elimination Diet

Raw Food, A Natural Remedy For Cancer

‘Why Be Scared Of Cancer?’ This is the title of Dr Eva Hill’s famous healing book which was published in New Zealand in 1979 by G.K. Moore. Her other book is ‘A Simple Guide To Natural Health’.

Dr Eva Hill, who was born Eva Day,  is a famous New Zealand doctor who promoted a ‘natural’ cure for cancer.  She helped save many lives through her alternative cancer therapy, and was convicted because of it, ironically enough, at the court in Christchurch where her father worked as a magistrate.

The famous cricketer W.G. Grace, who was a doctor, was her uncle.

She was outstanding for her time, being one of the first women, and one of the youngest students, to graduate from the Otago University Medical School, in New Zealand.

Dr Hill worked as a GP for many years, and entered politics in 1954.  However, she developed cancer in an old wound in her cheek which changed the direction of her career.

Surgery on the cancer was not successful, and so she decided to follow a naturopathic treatment at the famous Hoxsey naturopathic clinic in Dallas, Texas. This treatment cured her cancer entirely

Dr Eva Hill came back to New Zealand in 1956 and began to treat people using the ‘natural’ cure for all ills. She was convinced that raw foods would work to cure all degenerative disease, and all cancers, including malignant melanoma.

Dr Eva Hill promoted organic food, and encouraged people to grow their own. She gave talks on the subject of growing organic food and how imperative good nutrition was in preventing cancer and in gaining optimum health. She was a foundation member of the Soil and Health Foundation and was active in this organization for many years.

Dr Eva Hill campaigned against the fluoridation of water, as she believed that this practice contributed to diseases like cancer.

The well-publicized success of her own cure, as well as the successes she was having with her patients, brought her under the spot-light of the medical profession and the powerful multi-national drug companies, who did their best to stop her practising.  Dr Max Gerson was another one of the many doctors around this time who was punished by the medical profession for using unorthodox methods of treatment. He was forced to stop practicing medicine in America, and so he set up his cancer clinic in Mexico, where the American authorities had no sway.

Dr Eva Hill was charged under the Health Act, N.Z., and was virtually convicted in court because of not using drugs in her treatments.

Dr Hill appealed with the help of her supporters, and won her case.

She continued with her natural healing methods, curing and helping untold people during the course of her career.

As a general rule for maintaining good health, she advised avoiding all animal proteins, all cereals, white sugar and salt.  This is the  same advice given by Walter Last, a healer who worked in New Zealand a little later than Dr Eva Hill.  Walter also cured many people of so-called terminal illnesses using natural remedies.

Here is Dr Eva Hill’s method for an eleven day cleanse, which she gives in her book entitled ‘Why Be Scared Of Cancer?’ See page 42.

Dr Eva Hill’s Eleven Day Cleanse:

Epsom Salts Bath Each Night.  One pound of epsom salts is added to the bathwater each night.  This is continued for one week of the treatment.

Epsom salts draw out toxins from the skin and tissues beneath.

First Three Days:  Only water and citrus juice is taken.  Dr Hill recommends a glass of grapefruit or orange juice every four hours.   Nothing else is eaten or drunk during these three days except for water and citrus juice.

Next Two Days:  Continue with the citrus drinks, but add fresh fruit to the diet also.  Apples, grapes, peaches, pears, and tomatoes are all good.  She says baked apple is also OK.

Next Six Days:

Breakfast:  Have only fresh citrus for breakfast.

Lunch:  Eat only salad using from three to six fresh vegetables.  Follow this with one cup of potassium broth.

How To Make Potassium Broth: You can make a potassium broth by slowly stewing chopped potatoes, carrots, onions, a little parsley, silver beet or spinach, and celery. Simmer gently for around half an hour.  Use only the liquid and keep in the fridge.

Dinner:  Eat only two or three steamed vegetables, followed by another cup of potassium broth.

Supper:  Fresh fruit can be enjoyed.

After ending this cleansing diet, Dr Hill recommends following a balanced diet as follows:

Balanced Daily Diet:  A glassful of fresh fruit juice before breakfast.  Orange, grapefruit, apple, or grapejuice, or the juice of a lemon taken in a little hot water.

For breakfast eat only fresh raw fruits of any kind.  Bananas can be added to the list of grapes, apples, pears, or peaches.  Grated or ground nuts can be used also, and honey is allowed.

Dr Hill recommends that her elimination programme be followed two or three times in the year to keep good health.  She also says to follow the programme whenever a cold or flu appears, or constipation, or any other malady where a fever is involved.

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3 thoughts on “Cancer Doctor Eva Hill’s Eleven Day Elimination Diet”

  1. My mother developed inoperable terminal cervical cancer in 1971. She went on Eva Hill’s Elimination diet and lived for another 27 years. The diet though was grapes. I clearly remember the bags and bags of grapes coming into the house. Mum was a huge fan of Dr Hills. Part of the theory she explained to me was the cancer cells require protein in order to survive and grow.
    There was a village in France where each year at grape harvest time every man woman and child would have to spend all day in the fields picking grapes. For that week or so no other work would be done by anyone, including cooking, so people just ate the grapes when they were hungry. There was never any cancer in that village because any cancer cells that had formed during the year would be killed off during the period where you had a grape diet.
    Grapes have an amazingly large range of nutrients, (which may explain the tradition of taking them to people in hospital) but no protein. Citrus fruits are harsher, more acidic and not well tolerated by some people. The diet Mum followed was Eva Hill’s Grape Elimination Diet, (grape juice for one day, then add grapes for a couple of days, then other friut, then vegetables, then nuts etc etc)
    It sound expensive but it isn’t too bad (depending on time of year) because you aren’t eating anything else.
    For years after Mum would go back on the diet for a few days each year when grapes were in season. It worked for her.
    I hope you have success in promoting Dr Hills work.

  2. What a wonderful testimony to Dr Eva Hill’s natural cure for cancer, and the grape diet for cleansing.
    Thankyou so much. I am sure your story will benefit readers.
    Kind Regards,

  3. My children have recently published ‘No Cancer and Good Health Notebook’ on Amazon. In this book, I have outlined Dr Eva Hill’s cleansing diet. The book has some other cleansing techniques described which might interest those seeking information on the subject of natural healing. The book is an E-book and costs 4.95
    Best Wishes,

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